Sunday, February 14, 2016


He stands tall, magnificient in all his glory!
 He seems to support a whole plethora...
The ones that thrive under his protective shadow.
 His crowning glory, 
Lush and lavishly spread around - 
With one blow of wind,
Heaves heavily.

 His skin has a pattern to it, 
Much like a hide
 That develops a texture soaking up the fierce sun.
His limbs, sinewy as an athlete's. 
 But, is stationary and silent...
 Patience in a palpable form.
 Oblivious to the wounds that are caused to his being, 
He keeps giving! 
Never uttering as much as a sigh.
 Hushed, mute, reticent..
Unconditional till his bones make our bed frames.
 Alas..arrested by his own growth.