Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This n That

I have about three blogs brewing in the 'draft' format - one of which had great going - till I overdid the discussion of the theme of it - It would definitely see the light of the virtual day - presumably soon. But for now, I thought I'd break the block and do something with the energies that are draining down in the daily grind.

Most writers, non-writers who think they are writers and everyone in between these two categories have one thing in common and that happens to be the writer's block. I was quiet sporadic with my entries lately, and I conveniently blamed it on the infamous 'block' - till I realized that the said block could actually be imaginary. I don't seem to have a talker's block (ask my BFF) or an eater's block (look at my size) and I pondered - why would I have a writer's block? And then came the revelation and the much needed violent push to start blogging again, lest all the ponders disappeared into the same vacuum they come from (which happens to be the grey matter, of course)

I had numerous lofty things crossing my mind - from what I rethought about Malcom Gladwell's writings, the psychology of forgiving and forgetting (though not in the same order) and Dogs. Yes, dogs. I did realize that I have a lot common with them, though I secretly hope I had the restraint of Leo, the white lab (my friend's pet) who looks more like a white steed and has a monk's control over his senses. Just the other day, he walked past a freshly baked tray of goodies, placed in his sniffing distance, as if they were non existent. Amusing and amazing at the same time huh??

In the meanwhile, life zoomed past into the third month of Twenty Fifteen and is gingerly stepping into the fourth as we speak. The New year saw many things, pretty and powerful ones happening. The ones  where bored and over privileged folks  fussed and judged, sulked and pouted about the most trivial of things - and the more morbid happenings like young and perfectly healthy folks passing on. The contrast of these tribulations always startles me while acting as a gentle reminder that one needs to prioritize complaints, pouts, whines and fusses. Life is too short to be little and that is probably the most ground breaking discovery made so far.

Spring is a brutal thing. Looks like a dream when I gaze at it from this side of the window pane and feels like a nightmare once I step out. It gets so intense that the canine traits I said I posses tweak into perfect peak and I smell outdoors on the kid, the husband, their laundry, bikes and even shoes. I live with it, both the beauty and the burden - hoping summer rolls in sooner - and then, I'll complain about the heat wave, dehydration and the AC bills - talk about irony! - Didn't I just say we have to prioritize complaints? Well - look at mine as taking artistic liberties. One has to write about something when one has to write. So please discount the rants :-)

Parenting - something that I do and see others around me doing. I'd always second guessed my skills as a parent and then do some analysis into the styles of the ones around me. Sometimes I nod in agreement, sometimes I chuckle - as everything pretty much is right from the perspective it comes from - so how do we know what is right or wrong? Live and learn I guess! And hope that we come out with minimum regrets.

And then probably, the most unthought of all happenings - weaning off of the social networking. I had major fun while I was at it, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. The end probably came into being when I force shut my account on account of 'lack of time' during my stay in India, where I had real networking and real tasks in front of me. It took every ounce of my restraint to get over the itch of wanting to get back - but once it was resisted, it was resisted. I spent a majority of my FB buffer time reading and then on Quora absorbing all I could about the subject called Human Psychology - that is probably where I realized my psyche resembled the canine species more than the homo sapience. (Grin)

Jokes apart - there isn't anything like a writer's block - so the next time I cite it as a reason to have kept away from blogging, I'll make sure the imaginary lie detector beeps loud and clear so as to drown my pseudo excuses. And totally off topic, I did get a subscription to The New Yorker again - and boy do I love that magazine.

I should be getting back soon - and should be hoping that I did more blogging and less barking - Seriously!