Monday, January 26, 2015

Good to be back

In more ways than one. First things first, there is something about being could be the messiest, dingiest place, but nothing beats the comfort of being in 'your' place. It is akin to being in your body., as in being alive:) my travels took me far and wide, to hills and valleys, to snow and scrotching sun..they were wonderful, surreal, soul stirring...but coming back home to your bed and kitchen has an incomparable charm. 

On that note, this blog post has a significance. The nomad life comes to a halt gently, transitioning into my comfort zone. A new year unfolds just in time, bringing in new promise, new lease of life and dreams and unheard, utold vows of being more regular with the jotting down of thoughts that linger. 'Why not make the much overdue restart!?', the mind ponders, and  the fingers work in harmony with the grey cells. 

And then, the winters of the west coast! A perfect yin and yang of crisp air, filled with the precarious smell of foliage waiting to burst out of the branches on the numerous trees..air so sharp, that it tickles and tingles, pierces and pokes the many invisible pores of the epedermis.  Bright sun fails in outdoing the winds but adds to the ambience nevertheless.  Bare stems stand still, tricking the eye into believing they are gone! But spring springs back, in full vigor. The sinuses protest but the senses devour the sight from a safe distance - filtering through the window panes, open blinds and sheer curtains. 

Lost in a wonderland, the little girl that lives inside reaches the footsteps of 'Home sweet home' did I hear her voice ripple in sensual echo "There is no place like home" :-)