Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dis n Dat

     It is ironical that I start my ponder with SMS lingo in tow, while I have a hodge podge of inspirations rummaging my greys (not the variety that should have occurred here in there in the crowning glory by now, but were safely eluded thus far with some streak of lucky genes, me thinks) but the ones that shimmer and shine (figuratively) inside the head. Ever since I set my foot on the land of Ganges and the mighty Himalayan ranges, inspiration struck me from all eight directions, and without any Ruth (which, by the way is not a female as the capitalized name would suggest - but a certain feeling of compassion and pity) Ironically, yet again - the writer in me got flustered by the chronic onset of inspirations. While any other self proclaimed writer worth his or her salt would have been ecstatic at the prospect of ruthless bludgeoning by blog worthy ideas, Moi was lost and lonely amid the tempest in this tea pot sized brain chambers. Ask me why and I'd tell you that it was a sheer lack of time. Ironically, once more - though my current routine had cut off a major chunk of scrubbing and rubbing, mopping and chopping in and around the kitchen and the rest of the house, I continue to feel a certain time crunch that feels sorer than the abdominal flab, post numerous crunches of the physical kind.
     I tried to record the bits and pieces to chew the cud at a more appropriate time, while the crunch of time eased into a more relaxed wasting state - but nothing like that looked even remotely possible in the immediate future. Elated at the mile stone of a decade of chronic thinker chronicles, better known as Blog Blah Blah, the moniker,  by the way, sounds pathetic (for the lack of a better or brutal word) I have taken a vow to punch in few keys and use the keypad like a punch bag to let it go, let it go, don't hold it back any more (in Elsa and Ana style! And pardon my lack of knowledge in Frozen, except for these two names and the bits and pieces of lyrics caught from the vocals of my eight year old, singing in full throated falsetto, trying to sound like Adel Dazeem.) Ohh...It isn't Adel Dazeem, is it? Aha, and can't vertigo be quoted a reason for murdering names? - Anyhow (saying which reminds me of a certain petite lady that taught us Math and Physics in high school in the dark ages) What's in a name after all? A rose is a rose is a rose and a blog is a blog is a blog - unless it is a blog that lacks Ruth (not  a lady, mind you! - just a reminder) and calls itself with the most absurd of names in the history of blogs. Now, does being a decade younger while naming it qualify for a wee bit of stupidity in nomenclature? - May be, may be not! - So, off I go, all in the middle of a mind blowing balderdash of a blog post, vowing to keep the ball rolling and the blog growling!

    And thus, a decade almost flips past! - The few of you who breath the life into my head and give me the reason to keep at this silly exercise (at the risk of sounding like a cryptic FB status - you all know who you are! ;-) Let me assure you, I am here to stay for a long long way. And don't worry, as one of you opined - I don't have a keen observation like my blog seemingly suggests - cause, I pretty much sleep walk through the rest of it, and no, I kid you not! ;-)

  Just when you think that it couldn't get any more pointless, I'll put the cherry on top!

Tum agar saath dene ka waada karo, Main younhi mast nagme lutaata rahoon!
(If you promise me your company, I'd throw around profound (ahem ahem) verses just this way!

Okay, okay...artistic liberties taken - but the point is, it is all open for debate!

Taking a bow...stay with me for a couple of days as my 10 year land mark arrives!

Long live Blog Blah Blah....