Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 14 - L is for Laze.

Look, it could have been luck
Light, or Love!
Let them be - cause Laze it is!
The one that lets backlogs pileup
Taking forms of blogs 
Or Laundry Piles.
Lurking in kitchen sinks sometimes,
Stinking to high heavens -
Loads of dirty dishes.
Lost thoughts, hanging on to vague strings
Lamenting to come out -
But Laze takes lead,
Lulling them to slumber.
Laughing out loud,
It drowns the limbs
In dreadful sloth!
Leap up, let go!
Learn to lash it out
Cleanse the haze...Cause,
Laurels await, lauding the efforts!

Day 13 - K is for Karma

Blame the roots, Karma is such a main course in the Indian subcontinent. The world is supposed to run on one principle - and yes, you guessed it right - it's got to be Karma! We sometimes wonder why God lets bad things happen in the world. The karma theory believes that God doesn't let things happen per say - He has bestowed upon us, the unparalleled gift of 'free will' - At every fork on the road, we are greeted with choices - the good ones, the bad ones, the blatantly ugly ones. "As you sow, shall you reap' in short! When we sow seeds of selfishness, hatred and ego, the harvest would definitely be the sprouts of those very seeds. Let us exercise our free wills to build and not to destroy, to love and not to loathe, to give and not to snatch, to understand and not to judge - Sounds euphoric, right? But the bottom line is that every action has and equal and opposite reaction and the world is evidence.

Here's to responsible choices and deeds :-)

Day 12 - J for Joy

Squealing with glee,
You flood the crevices of the heart!
Nimbly tiptoeing in morning dew,
Butterfly wings
And dandelions.
The quest to discover 
Your volatile presence
Is carried in the complicated world
Alas - how naive?
For  your presence graces
In the wee pleasures!