Thursday, January 16, 2014


Am I really that special?
She asks!
I fail to see what you behold!
"Do I tug on a cord of your heart?
Can I believe what you just told?"
You tell me I light up,
Your life and heart..
In a crowd of  lasses, I'm class apart!
My eyes you say, like stars they shine,
My smile is nothing short of divine!
Does my pout truly hold you in awe?
My hair you insist, is simply wow.
Can I believe, what you just told?
You call me your own pot of gold!
But into the mirror, when I glance,
I wonder if you're lying by chance!
My brown skin looks dull and dark..
My eyes don't sport a pretty spark!
My missing teeth, they mock my smile,
I lack the look, I lack the style..
My buddies call my hair a nest..
Then how can someone call me the best?
"Beauty, my dear" the mom replies,
Shines in thoughts, and the heart it lies..
When your pure thoughts pour out,
My life, they touch..
Pretty faces don't really count for much..
The ones that love you for who you are..
See the beauty in your heart, my twinkling star!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


These knots,
Knit with love,
With pride and joy,
Chosen yarns of
Lasting thoughts,
Making nips
On heart and soul.
These knots,
Increase in strength and form
These knots refuse
To follow the norm -
They make up for a cozy cloak,
Fuzzy calm, they wrap, evoke..
These knots crocheted
Around the soul -
Adorn  the insides
Bright and whole.
These knots of symbols.
Letters and words
These knots that mean
Beyond the Worlds..
They do not bend,
To follow trend,
To be graded,
Or to offend.
These knots that make my wee cocoon
These blessings, these verses,
These knots, my boon!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Pokerfaced, looking through
The tainted window -
With random stains,
Concoction of water and earth,
Predominantly creating splatters
Of permanent ambiguity.

He looks around, just sliding his eyes
Back and forth, as the scenery changes outside.
Train lugs along lazily,
Like an aimless toddler's lumber.
Ever so slightly picking up momentum.
Paved landing stretches on the banks..
And for a splash of a second,
His sliding eyes freeze
Straight into the saucer like vastness
Of her deep black irises.
He pulls out the bottle green aviators
As the heart skips a beat.
But the tinted glass
With all the smudges, persists.

In that very blink - the cumbersome serpent
Slithers away in speed -
His cranked neck, helping him catch
Glimpses of the dirty veil
Covering her matted head.
The bundled twigs, burdening
Her cringed forehead.

She disappears into the scene left behind
Like a fleck of dust,
Floating away -
Taking with it,
The world's smallest,
Most unconventional
Love story!

Flight (writing exercise)

The bedlam pierces through an otherwise silent path..a path lit with light, filtering through the grey translucence of the fog weighing on the winter morning. She gently pushes on the brake of her bright yellow Volkswagon Bug as her head jerks back slightly, making her dense tresses heave with the movement, while cascading on to her generous forehead. A thin screen of auburn hair strands play hide and seek with her vision. Her dainty fingers curl up either side of the steering wheel, gripping them for stability as the visual graces her intense green eyes. "Is that smoke emitting out of those half naked branches?" She squints her eyes at that thought to get a better view of what was going on. Was the tree on fire? Who would imagine frozen brown branches with frosted remnants of moldy leaves catching fire in mid winter? Then she sees those smoke like particles, floating weightlessly in the air, not shooting straight up, but detouring sidewards and downwards and up a well timed mexican wave orchestrated to encourage a team in the auditorium below..the spread, accerorized with the perfect amount of audio, the intense soundwaves that penetrate in the form of high pitched chirpings freeze her for a tad moment longer than she could afford...."BEEP" cuts a sharp honk from the car beside her and she glances at the green arrow, clearing the coast. She firmly dips her steering wheel to the left, with a muted screech that blends into the sound waves and disappears into the obscure street.