Monday, August 11, 2014


These selfish bits..
They seek what they don't share,
Love they want..but do they care?
Lost in an indulgence
Of what they are denied
They bask in the glory of inflated pride.
Their blessings galore
Wash away in tears of want
They fight mighty wars, to get what they can't!
While all that is, lies heaped in a pile
It is neither counted, nor accounted -
For it is not worthwhile!
The trained sight looks diligently
Flaws it spots
Slotting itself into the poor havenots!
Yin and yang, these allies throw
Right in the face,
Just go with the flow!
Count the blessings,
Say a humble thanks!
Look away from the gaping blanks.
Peccadilloes, these turns and twists -
Our downfalls blur in the halos 
We imagine, exist!
This world ain't perfect,
It can never ever be..
And this world includes
You and me :-)

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