Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Why do I feel it?
This tremor in the gut!
These seismic waves
That swallow things as whole..
Into the crevices of rage.

Why do I feed it?
Throwing thoughts of spite
For it to munch upon.
The fiery fangs
Licking me in..
Little do I know
It consumes me,
Leaving a rubble of remorse.

Do I plough gall, sow bane 
And foresee boons of love?
Do I spread grudge
And anticipate joy?
Stroke my ego,
Nurture my loathe
And expect bliss to unfold.
How naive, how lame!

Why do I rip this out..
This livid anger
Enraged in emotion.
What do I seek? What do I sustain?


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