Sunday, July 20, 2014


Number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus which is also 'Sukra' from the Indian Paradigm I look at. Planet Sukra is the head of fine arts and beauty and the guru of Demons. He is supposed to be talented, artistic, attractive and....LAZY. The capitalization is just for added drama and intensity and not to shout at ye all ardent readers of the blog. That being said, this particulR blog entry should'nt have happened for the capitalized reason, but is happening for the non-capitalized ones and I'll give you a moment for you can get over my egotism before you are obligated to proceed further.

As I gingerly exit the third month in Mera Bharat Mahan, I had been examining life at a very different and interesting angle. It could be for the mere fact that I don't have a household to run, clothes to iron, or meals cook or a wheel to steer.  I came here with a suitcase of clothes..four to 5 pairs for me and the kid, inclusive of our night suits and I get startled to take a long, scrutinizing look at bales and bales of fabric that seems to multiply in the dark and flood all my storage. I live out of the suitcase, but those bales of fabric, transformed into garments of different patterns mockingly leer at me when I attempt to clean my living room. The other day, I thought I had the clutter under control when I painstakingly washed and folded the last of my clothes, but wait...I made a horrific discovery of the clothes left in the dryer for a day too long.

The flash back was devoid of was borderline moderation, with clothes in possesion having the same number as days in the week. I had an alarmingly serious fetish for Lucknow work Salwar sets, that were sewn in white over delicate pastles. The earrings were demure studs, the footwear was simple and practical confined to a pair or two. Each weekend, on my days off from work, I used to hand wash them, apply starch and send them pronto to the washerwoman who ironed them  with a coal-amber filled iron box.  These days, I seem to have clothes numbered for the days of the month..or may be a few consecutive months and the greed for new clothes never satiates. And, no sire, it does't stop goes in multiplication of bags, bindis, nail polish bottles et al..but the attention they get, or the joy they give is inversely proportionate to their number. Are we heading towards monsterous consummerism and shallow pleasure seeking!? The ponderer ponders and salutes the minimalists around..if there are any, that is!

This ponder should've been should be, infact! But the number 6 gets back into the lazy groove..but here's food for thought! Should'nt life be simpler to be happier? On long look at my wardrobe, and the answer is crystal clear. Here's to a simpler menu for Life..simplicity is beauty and moderation is merry! Bad rhyme...I know, I know :-) 

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