Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Seep in slyly..
Like a screen on my cares!
Swaddle me gently,
In your warm embrace!
Silken touch
Of your deep layers..
Camouflage the light
As my saving grace.
Sullen, sedate, your darkened gaze
Guards me from the plight of days!
Let there be no dawn to face,
Let there be no world to fight!
Melt me in your raven guise
Rest on my lashes
Lull me to sleep!
Let me escape in peace so deep.
Evoke cozy dreams,
Of calm and quiet -
Let there be no world to fight.
Dusk, alight on the horizon of my gaze
Swaddle me gently 
In your warm embrace.

(Picture - Dusk in south Mumbai, captured from a high rise - winter 2008)

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