Wednesday, April 09, 2014

G is for Getting back

Have you noticed, or is it just me - that we have a tough time with getting back to things that are halted? It had been a very Springy month, to a point where I see pollen rising before me in the air like special effects in a song sequence of a Bollywood movie. Yeah, looks drop dead gorgeous but the problem is that it clogs the sinuses, irritates the nasal passages and burns the eyes. I had a little catalyst going on this year, along with the annual spring allergy fest...some kind a bug that makes me not want to eat! (Yay! *Raises a fist and pulls it down in triumph*) The not eating part sounds okay, cause the jeans get on without having to breath too much...but the problem arose when there was no energy to do the stuff that comprised a routine - I nursed on meticulously measured doses of random over the counter remedies and engaged in a sloth that would put sloth to shame. As a result, the 'paranoid about not keeping up' dame skips a day in the A-Z challenge - On the flip side, it some times feels good to be under the weather - when you have absolutely nothing to do - or when you are exempt of doing what you are expected to do, it becomes a break of sorts.  Thank God for little joys and little ailments - The flip side is that I slept and made up for all the insomnia and had my best friend deliver me home cooked food, rightly seasoned and piping hot! All while doing an encore babysitting act!

          A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say! - Some adages don't make sense till much later in life. On that note - G it is, for Grit, Getting back and Going on! :-)                            And On! :-)

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