Monday, April 07, 2014

F for Flashback

Frankly, the pattern of writing verses with the letter of the day haunts me time and time again - so, for old time's sake, I wanted to attempt a verse today, with the F words ;-) It might just be funny (like something to laugh at) or Fab - you be the judge, and pass the verdict too! Sometimes, even a recluse, loner blogger could use some feedback comment love :-)

Flipping between thought and silence,

Faded ideas drip down,

For the heart wants a recreation.

Far off muses beckon to be tried,

Fragrancing the mind's ambience!

Fail, falter or fumble to manage?

Fate of these flapping words

Fall at your grace!

Phew, that was a close call with 'under the weather' condition today! :-)  Well, tomorrow - God makes another day! :-)

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