Friday, April 04, 2014

Day 4 - D for Description

As a part of the the D day - I attempt to describe - so D is for description :)

 Drop dead Gorgeous - Her wide forehead frames the best of features - Doe shaped eyes, dipping sensuously in the corners, drawing the most exotic of shapes. Her irises, looking like saucers, dyed in deep brown, sport a glassy twinkle that makes one wonder if the color is naturally occurring. The whites of those peepers, accentuate the depth of her eyeballs, like fluffy clouds around deep  skies. Her nose, defined and pointy, stands like a landmark on a heritage site. Her full mouth with a slightly plumper upper lip makes her face wear the look of a perpetual pout - enticing as a woman's and endearing as a child's. The tanned skin akin to delicious caramel, like a flawless canvas, compliments those huge eyes. Locks of wavy black hair, like cascades of silk, ready to be woven, dangle heavily, framing her high cheekbones. Perfectly aligned teeth flash and hurriedly bring in those dimples for company, every time she graces a smile. Delicate long limbs sway, making the mundane mud path a ramp that ravishes her divine beauty. She is, indeed - a design done at leisure, a sketch that defines grace and drips elegance.

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