Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 10 - H is for Hanging in there :)

It had been a week confined in bed - there was this nasty bug that pulled me down from all sides - result was NyQuil in wine glasses (just kidding) and camping in the bed twenty four by seven. While it feels wonderful to feel vital and energetic, there is a certain comfort in having a reason to laze about, without attending to the routine that is expected of you. Come Friday, and I was kind of sick of being sick - I said "enough" out loud and got out of the sheets - A dull pressure still veils the sinuses, the voice is all husky (which I absolutely love) and for some reason, I look well rested - well, I was rested, wasn't I? - All along that slumber - the AZ challenge kept haunting me. I for one, am very slack when it comes to taking life seriously, but a commitment is a commitment is a commitment. So, H it is - after the halt, for hope, happiness and  hanging in there when the odds play against you. :-)

Hopping away to I - momentarily! :)

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