Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Day 1 - Letter A

This wasn't something that I saw coming - the A to Z challenge this year. In the recent past, My blogging had become kind of sporadic and I thought this might help me get regular at posting and therefore pondering often. I hope I have it in me to keep at it till the end! :)

I do not have a theme - as of now - so it is safe to assume that this is going to be an asymmetrical attempt at achieving the goal...

A is for many things that speak to me and touch my heart. My kid Aarti, my art, my attempts at writing poetry, prose and everything in between. A is also for arbitrary, amateur and attempt! So I'll wrap it off with a little verse, an absolutely awkward one at that.


The moment, you see askance
Those amber irises flicker with amor.
Heart skips a beat, thumps in the chest!
Having a life of its own.

The flash, you reach of for my hand
Holding it tight in your firm fist -
Time freezes in your brawny grip
Somersaulting in glee!

Your auburn tresses, ruffling in the air
Makes me gasp for breath..
In those eyes, that grip  
Those locks of curls
Lies my eternal bliss - 
My undying admiration.


  1. You summed it up well Laxmi. :)

  2. Since this is in a way a tribute to the letter A, that could always be your theme for each letter...

  3. Well put. And good luck . Am sure you will have fun in the A2Z. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious :) See you around