Thursday, January 30, 2014

An ode to Avocado

Pray, when was my first tryst with you?
'Her Royal Yumminess!'
Was it when you sneaked into
A cold cucumber sandwich?
The unexpected explosion
My tastebuds underwent
And haphazard hands
Rummaged through its contents.
Buttery soft, brightly hued..
How amusing,  that you occur on a tree!
The day when I laid my hands
On your intriguing green shell,
Little did I know of the fling in the offing.
I slice open a piece of a miracle -
An inspiration that cruxes my salads,
That were religiously avoided for
For a score and ten years;-)
The scooping that enhances
Every crispy tortilla chip!
And, the icing it was -
When you spruced up the mind
Giving palettes to paint my abode!
Oh Avocado, bloom and bear,
In my humble back yard
And grey matter alike!
Thus, all smitten and smiling
I  solemnly freeze you,
With doodles of words
And colored pencils :-)

(picture - done with oil pastels and colored pencil)

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