Monday, September 09, 2013

Draping Dreams - Anagha

     The sanskrit word Anagha means the 'beautiful one' - and the story of Anagha - a specialty handloom boutique and its creator Sarvamangala Chavali are just that! - When I first had a glimpse of Sarvamangala, it was her outer beauty that caught the eye. Her eyes smile and her face reflects happy radiance. When you delve deeper into who she is, you realize the fact that there are many challenges and personal battles that are carefully concealed in those smiling eyes.

     In her late teens, Sarvamangala stared off her career as an air hostess with Air India and shortly after that,  she settled in matrimony. A few years and two kids later, she had to face the challenges of a turbulent marriage and eventually had to build her life all alone. As an extension of her battle to be self sufficient, Anagha had taken shape in 2008 when Sarva borrowed a petty amount from her dad and invested her love for handlooms into her business. Ever since, she had touched the wardrobes of many women across the world and revamped them with her eclectic collection and discerning taste. Her wares attract bidding battles on her Facebook page and sell out within minutes of the albums going live. One has to see her collection to realize how breathtakingly beautiful the Indian handlooms look. From Khadi to Jute tussar, from Mangalgiris to Maheshwaris - her boutique covers it all.

     Sarvamangala's professionalism and friendly nature had won her many admirers and well wishers over the years and it is so hard to guess what she had gone through when one sees the optimism overflowing in her personality and character. She is the epitome of grace and strength and a truly inspiring story to everyone. 

     Anagha started as an all woman enterprise and had male employees only when the tailoring unit came into being, as women cutters and tailors are a scarcity. Over two thirds of her employees continue to be women. Sarvamangala contributes to social causes by donating a percentage of Anagha's profits towards education and upbringing of two girl children, one in her 8th grade (with Rural Development foundation) and a special needs girl child  from Hanuman Junction, with Asha Jyothi foundation. 

     Apart from making a mark in the textile industry with her unique  handloom designs and winning the hearts of many women, Sarvamangala also won the 'Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur' award by Federation of AP Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) in July 2011, barely three years into Anagha's inception. 

     Today Anagha does a positive contribution to the handloom industry by employing weavers from all corners of India. It is Sarvamangala's passion for handlooms that has brought  allure to the industry among the younger generation. In a textile market of synthetics and sequins, her demure collections breath a new life into reviving our handloom heritage. She also empowers her women staff by inspiring and guiding them in personal and professional fronts. Next time you are in the city, do drop by to check out her  boutique on Road no 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.   In the meanwhile you can visit her facebook page  ( ) and lose yourself in the bliss of colors and textures.

Sarvamangala Chavali, The strength behind it all. 

A glimpse into her colorful store.

Working with the weavers to create magic.

Accepting her FAPCCI award from Honorable CM Of AP. 

It is my honor to feature her in my blog hoping to inspire women across the world with her wonderful story.