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Letters Unsent Series. #1 - To Best Friend(s)

Please read more about this series of blogs initiated by Santulan @ the FB group Write Tribe. ( ) - Thanks to him  for the Initiative :-)

I have had the hugest fascination for letters ever since my childhood days. So I jumped at the idea of writing unsent letters addressed to several important people in my life. I commence it with one written to my best friend. Since it is practically impossible to list just one in this category, I carefully sift and select some life changing friends I had in my life till date - and write my heart out unedited to them - Individually! :-) Read on and bless my friendship.

#1 - The first best friend ever!

Dear ML - 
The thoughts behind this blog had made me realize one thing - that I did not have a best friend until I met you and I only met you in my twelfth year :) - You made me feel at home in a strangely new place, a new school and a completely new setting. I always have and will adore you for your natural charm and the 'brains' that hid behind the painfully pretty face. Thanks for keeping up with my antics, never leaving my side during all those school years, for holding my hand for the entire duration of MPK in RK theater, for those wonderful memories on the terrace of our school building, for the marvelous idea of giving me live gifts (that bombed when that pair of Gold fish didn't see the light of the next day, after traveling with me for 500 km - only because I chose to change the water they swam to the Godavari aqua that was carefully treated with chlorine) -  Thank you for remembering my culinary choices for all these years, for marrying a man that loves me and my man equally and for making me feel like a teenager every time I meet you. Thank you for finding that Bollywood babe in my reflection (or is it the other way round?) and for genuinely finding my family super cute :) For all those pictures where I look super svelte, for bearing with my unending stories of crush for Sachin Tendulkar. You shall stay with me as my first ever Best Friend - for ever! :)

#2 - The childhood buddy!

Dear AS -

You were a true inspiration in my childhood days and when I remember you saying the same thing about me - I smile with absolute joy! - The days we spent preparing for out X finals, were hands down ,the golden days of my school. You came every single day to keep me company and toil by my side during our preparation holidays. My biggest academic achievement of being first in the high school board exams would have been a mere dream without your support and I truly believe that it rightly belonged to you. Your humor is something that makes  me giggle after nearly two decades and your determination and grit inspires me even till date. I am so grateful for finding you again and for rediscovering the lost bond after all these years. 

#3 - The Greatest admirer.

Dear HN -

You were everything I wasn't and you continue to be my biggest admirer. For goofing with me, for teaching me the true meaning of 'girly', for scaring the day lights out of your boyfriend by constantly talking to him about me, for being the biggest help during my wedding and more importantly for patiently listening to all my sob stories of missing my sweet heart and boring elaborations of how much I love him, for feeding my love for nail polish, for adding that true fun to my life, for accompanying me to my every shopping trip, for making me your style icon, for finding me resembling every new heart throb starlet of our teens, for boosting so much of confidence in me- I cannot be grateful enough :-))

#4 - The little sweetheart friend!

Dear KM -

The day of our farewell party - you broke into uncontrollable tears while I kept smiling and consoling you - Your fear was that we'd not meet again, my faith was that we would. Yeah, we did not see each other for two decades, but the faith I have in finding you again shall definitely triumph over your fear - mark my word! :-)
And psst....I don't think any friend ever cried so badly for me after that day! 

# 5 - The coolest of them all.

Dear AM - 

My definition for friendship you are. I cannot ever find another super cool guy like you - I cherish every single letter you have written to me. You inspire my sense of humor - or you taught me what being humorous was all about. You were my 'it' friend with all your vocab. Your mind blowing collection of books that you generously let me borrow, your sharing the deepest of your teen crushes, secrets and heart breaks with me, for making me feel like a true princess with all those fruit n nut bars and the fragrances you made uncle get for me from overseas, here's a load full of thanks :) - If anyone ever tells me that a boy and a girl could not be friends, I am gently reminded of the wonderfully pure friendship we share. I cannot begin to thank you for never ever missing to wish me on my anniversary and birthday for all these years, no matter how broke you were or in which corner of the world. Not that you don't know - but FYI - my hubby is doing absolutely fine with me and he continues to be a teetotaler - so your dream of consoling him over a drink is going to remain just that ;)

#6 - The true friend.

Dear MG - 

AM, my friend above, used to call you 'Angel Face' - and forget about the outward appearance, you were nothing short of an Angel in my life. You supported me through my many teen battles, you and me would have inspired the JTJN script without the 'love' part thrown in for free - you were the 'unconditional' support I had all those years and every time I think about what a bright spot your presence was in my life - my eyes well up! Thanks for those numerous cards, for kick starting my love for lengthy letters, for listening to my stories of love and missing ( my then sweetheart and now hubby) for all your gentlemanly nature, chivalry, sincerity, for lending me your CAT material, for sharing every single pleasure and pain with me (remember how you used to call me for every lost and won match during the 96 cricket world cup?) for the roses, the scarves, the lectures you patiently endured, for never throwing your weight around for being a rich dad's spoiled brat (or unspoiled unbrat) - you are the epitome of true friendship and I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life.

# 7 - Almost blood (or better than blood;-) !

Dear KT - 

You and me are destined to be - friends for ever! How else could we explain the journey we'd embarked on, from being those awkward teenagers to where we are today? - thank you for being my hubby's biggest support apart from being my 3 am friend, thank you for crossing the seven oceans for me and risking the chance of living in a ten mile radius, thank you for all those checks  you write to support my vices (wink) - for truly living up to it when you say 'what is mine is yours' - I get utterly irritated at your ability to corner me at times - but know that I know you mean it when you say I am dearer to you than your blood and I reciprocate those sentiments with same sincerity. Thank you for loving my people like I do...ah well, let me give it up here - or I could bore my readership to no end! :))

# 8 - The taken for granted Fairy!

Dear SJ -

I honestly don't know where to begin - from marriage counselor, to shrink, to chef, to chauffeur  to a spare and a better mom to my brat - you've covered it all! - You are my big sister in the real sense - the one that appears at my door step without ever having to ask for it,  just in the right moment of need. I have truly become a better person just by watching your virtues over the years. Your warmth,  your reaching out to people in need, your generosity,  your calm, the way you handle stress, the endless time we spend talking that never ever has any room for gossip or any kind of negative energy - all these are huge lessons that taught me what life is about. I try to be a mom, wife and daughter like you are - but most of all, I hope I can be a friend to you in the same spirit that you have been to me all these years. Thank you for all the organizing skills, for carrying the kitchen in your tote on every camping trip, for loving my child just the way I do and spoiling her more than I can ever manage (:-P)  For supporting me through my biggest ordeal and crying when I cry, for your sense of style, for your giggles, for just being the true hallmark of friendship and who else could ever justify having a name that means 'friendship' more than you?? - I feel your dad must have named you that, foreseeing what you'd come to mean to a friend like me.

(Signed for all of them)

Eternally grateful and blessed for your crossing paths with me- 

Aarti's Mom.


Glory to you, if you are still with me! :) Thank you.

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Tribe Whisper | The Lost links

Part # 3 Of Write Tribe "Chinese Whisper" story chain.

Tribe Whispers is an idea proposed by Ayush Chauhan in the Write Tribe Facebook Group. Members of the group are working together to create a story. Read more here: ( I am writing Part 3 of the story.  Check out ( for Part 2, Smurfy wounds. and ( for part 1, Blood and Thunder.

"let’s whisper the secret story….. shhh…..Blood and Thunder… Smurfy Wounds…. The Lost Links.....

 Trishoo looked at Kara, perplexed. They clumsily got up from 
where they lay and looked at Dr.Kroshon with the same dazed expression. No matter how Trishoo looked at it, the landscape reminded him only of a desert. But wait, wasn't he lying under a mango tree? Was this a farmhouse indeed? Who was Mr.Singh? Was Trishoo his real name? questions rose and fell in his brains making his head reel in confusion. He waited for Kara to say something. To clear the cloud of disorder that was building in his head.

"Hello" Dr.Kroshon waved his hand before Trishoo's face in an attempt to bring him back to this world. "Is this Mr.Singh's farmhouse??" The voice came firm and a little irritated - "I need to attend to a gravely ill patient and there is no time to waste!"

"You lost your way Dr,Kroshon" a lovely voice replied from behind. Trishoo looked back to see who it was. There she was, standing in a veil covering her face from below her soulful eyes, the lady that had brought him back to his state today. Does he recognize her? Did he share a past with her? Was she related to him? Trishoo had no answers for any of these questions.

"Can you tell me where Mr.Singh's farm house is, young lady!" - Dr, Kroshon's voice cut into Trishoo's train of thoughts.

"I have no clue about a Mr.Singh nearby, the name sounds very unfamiliar!" 

Dr,Kroshon looked impatiently at his wrist watch. "It is getting late and I need to attend to a badly injured patient that is bleeding blue"

Trishoo jerked back from his lost train of thoughts. Was this man looking for him and how would a non existent Mr.Singh send for him? How would he know about Trishoo's state without ever being there?

Trishoo felt a jolt of shock in his head and passed out on the ground.


Trinton - the name rang like a thousand bells as he regained consciousness.

He woke up from what seemed like the coffin - His senses formed a haze in front of his eyes. It came to him in bits and pieces - the feud between the two villages, the Chief's pretty daughter, the battle, the wounds. But nothing was concrete. vague segments  of his memory flashed before his eyes.


The battlefield was all gory -  beheaded corpses, pools of blood, fire destroying the carriages, wounded beasts howling in pain. He didn't remember if he had lost or won. He didn't remember if Kruson betrayed him and joined the opposition. He didn't remember who dragged him off his horse and wounded him all over his body.
He did not remember if he was half alive or half dead.

What had happened to Aiyana - Did she escape the clutches of the evil Rasputin? Did the chief survive the battle? Did 'he' survive the battle? More importantly did he survive the betrayal? Did he survive the heart break? Did Aiyana love him the way he loved her?

His whole existence seemed to be like a puzzle with permanently missing pieces. He looked at his body, all sewn haphazardly to keep the gaping wounds from tearing further apart. He had to find out the missing pieces and the story beyond his name.

Trinton looked around to see where he was. The place smelled of mildew and coffee. The pool of still water that collected next to his makeshift bed reflected his features. He must have been a handsome man beneath those scars, dried blood and a stubble that was more than a week old. His hazel eyes shone with an unmistakable determination and a carefully concealed pain.

Aiyana - the name created ripples in his heart!

He tried to get on to his feet when he was suddenly pushed back on the bed - a long sword pointing to his chest. "Stay where you are - don't dare to move" The voice came firm and low - He looked up to see where it came from. The eyes looked familiar - the rest of the face was covered with a veil.

"Who are you?" he asked the figure behind the veil - "Do I know you?, Do you know me? What do you want from me?" 
"Vengeance" came the voice, hissing in contempt!

He looked beyond the veiled face to see Kara clinging to her robe.

The veiled lady broke into laughter tinted with wrath. "You shall live to long for death - This is Lady Aiyana's promise to you!"

Her laughter and words struck him like thunder.


Over to Leo for part 4 of Blood and Thunder at ( ) Do check it out! Thank you! :-)