Saturday, July 06, 2013

"That Tuesday Thingy" contest entry - Notes of the Heart!

This is an attempt at the "That Tuesday Thingy" contest organized by the lady blogger brigade  www.

Traveling through narrow lanes,
Greeting bright faces,
Walking through alleys of pretty smiles,
The heart beats in notes...
Seven in all, creating a symphony -
That dances in the tunnels of senses.
Memories, moments and magic
All woven in simple complexity
Of these septenary notes,
Create ripples of vibrance
That murmur an elixir knit in acoustic,
Speaking in melody.
The shades of life -
Thus spring to a new essence
Tapping the soul
To the tune of 
Eternal bliss. 


Wild chase through these  memories,
Unfold a postcard from the past.
Clicked in eyes of the heart..
Preserved for eternity, but momentarily lost.
Responsibility of mundane cares,
Make calendar after calendar flip away.
But all it takes to help the soul,
Is this tidy little  reflection
Coin(ed) to hold, created to grasp
The moments of fulfillment,
In finding these joys,
Reblooming, in the garden of life.