Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 24 - X for XXIV

Xemepting from spelling,
X Gen blogger, makes an
Xcentric entry,
Xcluding rules of grammar!
Xcited about the Xecution
Xstatic for no reason,
Xploring balderdash,
Xclaiming insanity!
Xpressions stray from the path...
Xperiencing the high - On day

This one is a revamped, recycled post, doesn't help that X is a tough letter to give this kind of treatment ;) - Hopefully, I'll get better by 'Y' to write something new tomorrow :-)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 23 - W for Writings

Widely, they open,
Within them, many a tale
Waiting to be told!
Wandering around, they rest
Wishing to assert
Wisdom and wit,
Wrapped in confinements of
Words and letters!
Waves of reflection,
Weaving plentiful yarns
Wither and bloom.
With them, fables emerge -
Weeding out the sloth!
World it is, these scribbles,
Wrapped inside them,
Wrecks of ponders
Wrestling with confusion,
Wanting to search for the faith,
Whispering the gospels of musings,
Welcoming with them,
Writings from the soul!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 22 - V is for Vexed!

Very bored, the keyboard yawns
Varying moods the mind dons,
Valid ponders run away from brains,
Virtual challenge takes to the drains.
Victory is five letters away,
Vacant is the idea tray!!
Variety kitty has a huge hole,
Vocab fails to take control!
Virgo, I is, striving for perfection,
Verse of mine, needs definite direction.
Verdict lies in your gracious hands,
Vouch for my commitment, cheer me as I falter,
Virtuously support a verbal defaulter ;-)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 21 - U for Untitled ;)

Under your shade, molten anguish
Unfolds into cool cheer,
Upholstering the many frames of
Unkempt bruises, thus veiling,
Untold stories of malady.
Ushering the burdened heart into
Utopia of sorts, you play the keys
Unlocking the symphonic sounds,
Unraveling tunes of remedies,
Unite the being, in your seven notes -
Universal melody, soothe me like a balm,
Uplift my mood in your divine music.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 20 - T for Tulips

Tiny faces of color
Twinkling with triumph -
Tints of rainbows,
Tailored in sheer delight,
Taking the breath away!
Tranquil blooms, sprung in unison,
Talking to the senses.
Tapestries of flora,
Treading the mundane paths,
To fill them with splendor.

Picture  - Tulip Festival, Seattle, WA - Courtesy - Kaushik Chirtapu.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

day 19 - S for Shift.

Straying, moi does not like, but
Scribbles from the past strike -
steering the musing away from the norm -
swaying the mood, changing the form,
Several ways to scrawl the thoughts,
Slam it if you should, but
Shower the grace!
Sanction the bypass,
Suffer the strain,
Sponsor the spasms of this
Silly little brain!


P.S - and here is the scribble for the past - It was not christened back then, but let me call it


He looks away,
The taciturn,
Answering the many questions
Rising in her probing gaze,
That way!
Dousing feelings in mute, dumb moments,
Freezing in the frostbite of inexpression
Crunching words into a powder of silence!
Unsaid, untold tales of love
Thus get buried
Under the tombstone of deathly muteness
The epitaph reading
Hushed emotions
Shut up into wordless,lifeless slab
Of concrete quietness!