Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 12 - L for Lord

Language of nature, you essay with your omniscience,

Lustrous, your countless facets, emitting resplendence.

Lead  your offspring  into the light of Nirvana.

Lyrics of eternal bliss lurk in your lovely name,

Luminous, your graceful form, Ardent, your every aspect,

Limitless, your reach, your magnitude,

Lessen my burdens,

Liberate me from worldly webs.

Lovingly embellish my lowly life.

Lightly wave your healing wand,

Levigate all the evil clout.

Lotus feet of yours, housing the galaxy -

Let me lie there, in that luscious comfort.

(Picture courtesy -

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 11 - K is for 'Kiddo'

Kindly, you alight, into the vacuum

Knitting bonds of endearment,

Knocking out the forlorn pains.

Kindling intense emotions,

Known only upon your advent, you

Knot my every vein, firmly to your rein.

Kaleidoscope of rapture, adorns my every breath, when

Kingdom of my stray Lego blocks and countless crayons,

Kindheartedly you rule, upgrading my merit.

Knead my non existence into a nurturing deity, until

Kernels of joy emerge in my barren void.

Kisses you blow my way, blows my strain away!

Keeping the keys to my heart - My Tot, you fill

Knapsack of my memories with your cute antics.

(Picture -Grand Hilton,  Orlando, FL - Summer 2011)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 10 - J for Juncture

Jazzed up, with fervor, the

Journey I embark - to find ways

Joy can adorn my essence.

Jaded, the many shades of world

Jammed with vices clogging the soul,

Jump on to the ignorant psyche!

Jittering gusto questions the cosmos -

Just, what would matter at the end?

Jingle of virtue answers in harmony -

Junk these are, the material treasures,

Jewels of the spirit are love and compassion,

Joining me with the eternal force,

Jubilantly unfolding the meaning of life.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Day 9 - I for Insane.

Intense cogitation,

Intended to express the musing,

I linger around, the reflection.

Incomplete, the inspiration feels, In the

Impediment of articulation.

Imagery germinating in the soil of feelings

Immensely turmoils the insides,

In a fight to unfold the ode.

I know not the means, I know not the course, To

Ignite those sprouts into full blown foliage,

Intricately weaving around the trellis of the heart!

Illuminate my inner dwelling, to

Illustrate in palpable scribble, the

Infinity of your influence,

Invading the inherent harmony.

Infuse the apt intonation, lest

In translation, the profundity would be lost!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Day 8 - H for "How?"

Had I had a heap-full hints,
Help they would in blogging stints!
Hopelessly hovering around for inspiration to strike -
Hate to break the flow, cause
Hardly a few days are put behind.
Hassle it seems to think and type,
Highlighting each beginning with a "H"
Hanging in there to make this pattern stretch,
Howling in pain to see this verbal wretch..
Hope is something after all, heart assures.
Hindrances happen to the best of us.
Hard it is, but I let H fall apart
Holding on to trust,that
Hidden are the ideas rest,
Humming  in the head's 'eureka' lanes
Here and there, playing peek a boo..
Happily emerging when "I" come(s) through!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 7 - G for "Godsend"

Glided in perfect joy

Glorious moments in your company,

Gratify life!

Grab me by my waist -

Garnish my love affair, just,

Gently draw me into your caress.

Gloom evaporates, glee awaits

Gulping the elixir of your grace!

Glazed with the tint of your good looks

Gist of these fine moments,

Graze the senses, tickling solace.

Grasping my hand, lead me into your embrace!

Guide me through these daily cares.

Green grass, Gurgling rivers, 

Grand oceans, Giant Glaciers,

Gift from heavens, this nature's abyss,

Glistening in dew drops, gleaming in hills..

Gates of joy, opening up to my morose insides

Giggles of glee gush through your tides!

Gossamer of creation - 

Garland my every sense with your

Gracious presence.

Picture - Moraine Lake (Banff National park) Alberta, Canada.