Friday, April 05, 2013

Day 6 - F for Farce

Fighting to get you out,

Faint thoughts, reeling in my head, like a

Ferris wheel's generous spins.

Freeze for a moment, let me

Fathom the fragments of your form,

Flash again, your flecks -

For a longer second.

Fixed on the fringes of your

Full-length image, I can

Fuel my fragile facilities,

Freely graze on your fiery fabric,

Focus and forge, force and feign

Fairly fine lines -

Forming a facade to

Falsely flatter my failing skills,

Feeling fulfilled for a funny verse!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day 5 - E for "Elements"

Energy you are, fluid and fast

Engulfing a chunk of the universe!

Elixir of life - feeding fields,

Ensuring our tummies get their fill.

Erasing impurities with your cleansing touch

Epitome of nature - Aqua, 

Endow the universe with your essence.

Earth, the abundance of life,

Emerges and unites with you -

Erupting flora, embedding treasures,

Evoking many a verse with your inspiring expanse.

Eternal, enduring - impart your fortitude,

Enrich your many offspring! 

Enkindle the impurities,

Encompass the inner fears,

Emanate the ashes of impediments,

Engross the cosmos with your warm embrace,

Embers of exertion -consume the wick of enlightenment,

Enticing a clear conscience.

Endless expanse of space and air,

Elements up above,

Elevating the soul, filling the being,

Eternal, electrifying!

Entrain us on an Odyssey

Euphoria, wouldn't it be?!

(Pictures - Camp fire, Mendocino, CA - Circa 2007, Landscape - Coastal AP's village - Winter 2013, Ocean - Picture courtesy - Shail Mohan)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Day 4 - D for "Day"

Dawning upon the muddy path,

Darkness melts into sunshine.

Draped in warmth, world comes alive,

Doused with distant chirping sounds.

Drizzling light dabbed on streams,

Display scenes of deep delight!

Dancing across fields and ponds,

Day break comes dispelling the dusk.

Discover the dream you dreamt last night,

Dwelling in the divine design.

Debunk code of daily cares,

Drive away the demons of doubt,

Diffuse gloom, devour life!

Day at a time, it gently unfolds,

Day at a time, unwrap the present,

Day at a time - don't falter, don't fret!

(Picture clicked at day break on the banks of Godavari)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Day 3 - C for Couple

Cuddle up with me,

Comforting my damp, dark being

circled with your dainty spark!

Cloud I am - be my silver lining!

Console my grief, in your lovely light!

Can I count the ways I love you?

Cobwebs of your thoughts,

Capture my every breath..

Cares melt like snow into

Creeks of joy,

Crooning happy tunes, Just

Chime in with your company!

Come in, let my insides bloom

Coated in you colors of glee -

Co-star in my fairy tale -

Consider me, give me a try!

Charm me with your sizzling gaze!

Choking emotions coldly emerge,

Crevices of the heart let out a cry!

Coping with the void you left!

Call me into your comforting embrace,

Complete me like you only can.

Coupled with you, life comes to life

Concealing my every care -

Carefully wrapped, never to be back.

Clad in your constant dreams,

Carefree heart sprouts cheerful smiles

Content like a happy child!!

P S - (But to tell the truth, I was so tempted to call it C for Corny ;-)

Monday, April 01, 2013

Day 2 - Big Thank you! :-)

Bad days happened all along ,with

Bratty kiddo's barbaric ways!

Bald, the head was close to becoming,

Bleak was the time, slowly crawling.

Beckoning strength, I keep the ball in a roll.

Brimming with stress, tears I control,

Bumpy was the ride, life was upside.

Boy, I wished kids came with a 'user guide'.

Blind faith kicked in, I sincerely prayed

Baby, I hoped she blissfully played.

Banishing aside her intent to torture,

Binding me to play like a toddler!

But finally, the Almighty answers,

Blesses me with a boon of fun and laughter.

Baby sitter Barney comes to rescue

Baby Bop and  BJ follow cue.

Blue or purple, I really don't care

Bring the joy on my baby's face.

Bumping and jumping, singing some rhymes

Bellyful laughs resonate the times.

Beloved Barney, with the bright purple dress,

Banished the mommy's deep distress.

Brand me a bad-mom with zero parenting skills

Barney was the hero that took away my chills.

Brave, you all are - Buddies in need!

Bless the banter with your kindly read! :-D

(Sorry for the awkward chopping and artistic liberties - I truly intended to blog my long overdue gratitude to Barney while trying to make sense of the baloney!)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 1 - A for Attempt!

All confused, Fingers alight on the key board,

Asking answerless questions to myself!

A word here,an idea there ,

Airily moving through an array of inspirations.

'Almighty it is' , I almost confirm,

And second thoughts arise like sprouts in the air!

'A's aspire to get my attention -

Ambition, audience and even apes,

Anger, airplanes, amour and angst

Atoms, anecdotes, automobiles, and art!

Alchemy, angels and angles as well.

Amid these alluring 'a' list choices,

Agony arrives, irking, alarming,

At not being able to achieve the aim.

Am I going to lose it before

Articulation graces the amiss brains?

Along, I play aligning a after a

Appearing for attendance,

Aching for approval.

August audience, I bow to all..

Allow me to get away with an awry awfulness.

Astray, adrift, but at least complete.

Alright...may be at last complete??