Saturday, September 07, 2013

Festival day 7 - The Grand Finale.

How many Sevens are there?
Let me count the groups - 
Seven colors in the rainbow,
Seven oceans, the proverbial ones!
Deadly sins, seven in all - 
Do, Re, Me, Fa...the seven notes!
Seven Dwarfs homeward bound -
7 up, the lemony lime drink - 
Seven wonders enthralling the world
For Potterheads, seven epics.
Kurusova's Seven Samurais,
Monday to Sunday - seven days a week!
In the festival of words, seven celebrations
Bringing in the love to write!
Counting up was real fun,
Rejoicing in a job just done:-)

That concludes my count up - I am feeling a bit juvenile today, so wanted to write a fun little poem. Thanks to Write tribe for the concept and to all the participants who kept me going. And a special thank you to  Corinne Rodrigues for the initiative and inspiration.


  1. That's a cute poem too...I think you did it pretty well, and so glad to have you back Laxmi. Stay in touch :)

  2. I've written about the number seven today too. The poem was amazing Laxmi !!

  3. Lovely round up with a lovely poem! :)