Friday, September 06, 2013

Festival day 6 - The Birth number 6!

I was born on the sixth day of the ninth month over three decades and a half ago..and ever since I had the concept of birthdays in my mind, I particularly felt happy about the sound of six and nine and then, at a later date, the concept of zodiacs was introduced to me and I started believing that Linda Goodman modeled her Virgo description after me.

I keep reminding myself that growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional - no, no, I am not talking about the good way of growing up - But the not wanting to grow up form being a child at heart...

I still get fascinated with shiny things (as long as they are not meant to adorn the person)

I still love crayons and paints and buy them blaming it on my kid.

I still enjoy ice cream and chocolate.

I still sneak into the illustrated story books from my kid's book case (In fact I bought every Disney and Dr.Seuss publication when Aarti was less than a month old :-P - I got the much needed pretext by then)

I still day dream and gasp when I see flowers, dandelion, butterflies and bees :)

Well...You get the idea. I always lived a life , a couple of decades older than mine in my mind - but at heart, I'll remain six all along.

Happy birthday to the undiluted Number '6'


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