Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 26 - Z for Zenith :-)

Zilch was the change in the pocket,
Zeal for life was speeding like a rocket,
Zig zag path to attaining success,
Zips up tight, to give more distress.
Zooming past, opportunities mock!
Zing and pizzazz stay under a lock.
Zest of triumph, please grace the track,
Zillion dreams, in reality, would stack!
Zen filled world, niftily unfold,
Zenith of delight appears, Behold!

:-) :-) :-)
That sums up the challenge.

It's been a joyous ride, thanks to all the company I had - and in comparison to how it went last year, I must say, this experience is a hoot! :-) I cannot believe that I managed to stick to a pattern all throughout, though, truth be told, I was tempted umpteen times to stray and do something else (Given my attention span of a two year old ;-))  For those of you who asked me how I did this - I have no clue! - Every day was an ordeal of sorts, but the saving grace was that thoughts did come easily on some days. I had discovered long forgotten words in my subconscious and stretched my limits to use unfitting words, just to stick to the self imposed tradition. Now, I am relieved that I can just do away with awkwardly chopped poetry and write paragraphs, uncensored, the way they emerge from the mind.

Thanks to all the regular readers, the regular feedback and to the lurkers as well - since this phase has seen the page loader shooting through the lap top screen. Makes me want to believe that there are many silent supporters who grace this blog.

Please keep it coming - silently or otherwise :-)

God Bless!


  1. Lovely way to end it. I am sure words will never disown you. U OWN them
    keep them coming
    Loads of love
    lets stay put for many more challenges :)

  2. Yet again, you do it! I hope you are feeling better now.
    May the zeal for life speed like a rocket always! Hugs!

  3. Nice way to sum up Laxmi.It has been a pleasure reading you.I know I will stop by for more take care and keep writing..

  4. Please do keep it up! You have a wonderful gift!

  5. Words will come easily, stay their friend forever...Good luck!

  6. *bows*

    You were a champ all this month :D

  7. Bow thats called a closure


  8. At last we know the story behind the words! You are truly gifted L. Keep the words flowing and see you around!
    Cheers :)

  9. You managed to make words, the most unrelated of them, dance to your tunes. They were all words in the dictionary but in your capable hands, they became a perfect orchestra. It was lovely meeting you, Laxmi.

  10. Zenith of delight - an awesome way to end. I enjoyed it too and it was great to meet you, I will keep in touch via your blog.

  11. That's a delightful way to end up the journey. And you do have a way for words.
    Keep Writing!

  12. Take a bow girl! *thunderous applause* :)

  13. Always awed by how beautifully you string poems with restricted-letters. You have always been generous with your comments, may you continue to delight people with your word-play. I'll keep visiting Lakshmi. Much love and hugs. :-)

  14. You have carved a niche for yourself in this contest and I congratulate you on the same. Lovely reading your posts and will miss your poems.

  15. Wow. I am amazed at the way you have cruised through in this challenge. Take a bow, and do keep writing :)