Saturday, September 01, 2012


Dream and verse,
On loggerheads,
Fist fighting
To prove their worth!
Says dream to verse,
"Look at my might! -
I dwell in the mind,
Visible - with eyes shut.
A world of my own,
Unfolding mystical images,
Magical stories,
Told impromptu!"
Verse looks through
In cogitation.
Parts her lips
And says to dream.
" I flow
In visuals etched in words,
Sketched in thoughts,
Abstract, stream like,
Baring the soul
To the beholder!"
" Is it greater to see without vision,
Or feel without it?"
Together they wonder aloud.
Together their voices merge,
Creating an echo so strong
That they shudder at its strength.
Dream and verse,
Join hands,
In partnership, agreeing to share
The privilege to create,
One, a spin off of the other,
Inspiring, invoking,
Many an expression,
Scribbling scenes that
Appear in closed eyes
And open hearts,
Reaping heaps of hopes!