Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 19 - S for Smile

Smile! Shining through
Sad situations -
Simmering hope!
Smile, singing songs of joy
Seeping through disappointments,
Sinister attacks,
Savoring life with a spark and sizzle.
Saluting the inner self to be a believer!
Sweet smile, fading shadows of cares,
Showing way to satisfaction,
Success and showers of happiness.
Step into the shoes of a smile,
Shun hurdles, Spread love!
Shimmer in the shade of a sincere smile!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 18 - R for Rhythm, R for Rhyme!

Rhythm and rhyme!
Rummaging through the thoughts,
Running in the mind!
Rhythm and rhyme,
Like a ray of light,
Illuminating restless visions!
Like a river running through the woods,
Creating ripples of inspirations,
Rediscovering the many hues
Of creating and recreating!
Rhythm and rhyme,
Resting in one another's arms,
Recording recurring hopes.
Refining ideas.
Refreshing, reforming, rejuvenating,
The many feigned verses,
And rhapsodies of love.
Rhythm and rhyme -
Real bliss to the mind's eye,
Remarkably relaxing the soul
Repairing the many bludgeoning,
Of Ruthless life.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 17 - Q for Quiet!

Quietly, without a sound,
Without a Quiver!
Quaintly conquering,
Quickly capturing!
Quiet swiftly!
Your thoughts,
Sprout in my heart!
Quietly, quaking my world!
Quipping about your innocence,
Quitting to admit,
But -Your every quality
Qualifies my life as blissful!
Queen of my heart,
Quench my thirst for your love!
Quietly, quit tormenting me
With this distance!
Quote me on this -
My life resonates in the melody
Of your quietness.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 16 - P for Parenting.

Parenting is probably the most influential aspect of a human being's life. Parents mold or scar their kids with their parenting choices. When on the wrong side of thirty, I'd finally mapped most of my thought process and personality to my childhood and the influence of my parents. The most I see in my day to day life is the fellow parents at my kid's school. Each one unique, with their exceptional strong points. I observe all the parenting techniques around me, probably because I am sub consciously aware of the impact of my every word and action on my child. I read parenting horror stories, come across some reckless parenting choices and wonder if  parenting should be indeed licensed like one of my learned friends opined in a social discussion. Children are all reflections of God they say - but parents are the ones who obliterate those reflection and replace it with their own. There is a lot that goes into raising a child - patience, love, responsibility and sacrifice. Having the biological ability to produce children shall not make a parent a parent. It is the ability to understand the impact they make on their off springs with their every thought, word and action that counts into the tough art of parenting. Whether we choose to spoil our kids or raise them like soldiers, we do leave our footprints on their psyche for the rest of their lives. I wish every person who produces a kid realizes this fact! Parents can really make the world a better place by doing their jobs sincerely. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 15 - O for Opinions.

Opting to  condemn
Other's point of view.
Obsessing with one's own options!
Often omitting our flaws.
Onslaught of attacks,
Overflowing with prejudice,
Overlooking the positives in others - as
Ordinary, or overrated.
Opinions, like outbreaks,
Outlets to our frustrations,
Or narrow outlooks.
Opinions - self centered,
Overwhelmingly rigid!
Opposing things we won't approve,
One track thinking that,
Our way is the right way!
Offensive, odd, Obstructions
Of empathy!
Obstinate, outrageous,
Obtrusions of openness!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 14 - N for Nature

Nurturing green fields,
Naughtly sweeping,
Through branches and leaves,
Numbing daily cares
With nifty sceneries,
Nursing worldly wounds
With soothing surroundings!
In Nature's womb,
Lie numerous joys,
Novel bliss,
Never ending happiness!