Saturday, September 08, 2012

Day 5 - What is the coolest thing you ever saw.

This prompt makes me think. Really hard. What is the coolest thing you ever saw? - Is it just one single solitary thing you saw that you have to blog about? How is it possible for anyone to record one "coolest thing? - May be it is possible. To me, floods of "coolest things" come to mind. From early childhood memories to the ones as recent as yesterday - the laundry list keeps growing as I think. But I'll randomly rattle about a few of the things.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Peak in Alps, dubbed as 'Top of Europe"- Jungfraujoch. (I shall blog in first person singular, to accommodate ease of narration though the trip involved my family) So, on a fateful summer morning, I took a train to this out of the world place. Initially, all that met the eyes was like a verbal blessing translated into a pictorial. Every bit of land was filled with the most colorful array of flowers - wild ones, the lush green grass formed the second layer and it was topped off with icy glaciers. It was like trick photography that made me wonder if it was photo shopped to create that effect - But no - it was God's language at it's best - unfolding in the form of mesmerizing nature. Then I got to the peak. There was a place, on top of a big building - where we could walk out to experience the crisp air of Alps - the top of Europe. I walked out, and was met by an unexpected down pour of Snow, which makes me realize that this was quiet literally the coolest thing I saw,Mid summer, mid noon. - To a small, tropical town girl form the warm south of Indus the out pour of snow was like a make believe land from story books coming fluidly alive. It was too forceful to enjoy, specially since I was under dressed for the occasion. I ducked under my hooded, but 'falling short for the need' jacket and pulled my scarf tightly around my neck while cupping my palm over my eyes to accommodate vision in that thick snow fall. Instinct or pure folly made me look up to see where the magic was unfolding from and in the cloud of that haze, a single flake ended on my lips, seeping into my being. If all the 'bottled water' world boasts about mountain springs and the way they taste - they do it for a reason. That single flake flooded my inside like an elixir, making me alive with the electric connection of nature. As much as I marvel over intricately constructed towers and bridges and feel very inferior about my own creative abilities, I felt that there is no replacing, recreating, or imitating God's magnum opus - the canvas of nature, with critters and creeks, mountains and glaciers, weeds and tulips. I walked out of the enchanted world of 'blessings from the cool heavens' changed for ever. For connecting with the power of nature is a transformation for good.

This would not end anytime soon...the journey of "coolest things I saw" but I am glad that I kept the commitment and wrote about one, if not many - that, in an odd way, justifies the prompt.

Signing off in deep thought - I have quiet a few reminiscences to gather that blessed my vision and impressed my heart.


  1. The blog, especially where your instinct played its role ;), gave me a bit of chill and a big smile, :-) I can recall a moment of mine at a mountain top. Not in the 'bliss called swiss' ;) but in Kufri near Shimla.I was in class X then. During the trip my uncle kept saying 'the factory of clouds is not up in the sky, its down in the valley'. I did not took much interest in his statement then. But when I got to the top of the mountain I witnessed one of the beautiful and elegant processes of nature, the motion of the clouds from the valley to the top, which seemed as if monks in white attire were climbing up the mountain slope, slowly and in peace. Another emotion aroused by the sight was the feel of being above the clouds, the detail of which I wrote in my upcoming English exam :D

  2. This is one of your best writings. Possibly the best. Enough said. :)