Monday, September 03, 2012

Day 1 - The object I see at this exact moment.

    Before I start off with my September blogging journey, I would like to tell you all something about the theme of this challenge. - It is all about "Eyes" and there are some really interesting prompts that could pulverize the worst of blogger blocks :-) So here goes the very first - The object that I see at this exact moment.

     Twenty years ago, I saw this object, for the first time in my life - oddly amused by the resemblance it had with the modest black and white television our family owned, and little did I realize, or predict the way this small screen would become an integral part of my everyday. Back then, the curious high schooler did all she could to meddle with the object, holding the key down to see the letter appear all over the screen. There were general opinions about how knowing how to type would help you with the object. Of course, when I first set my eyes on it, I didn't really understand the relationship it had with knowing how to type, but being the daughter of a type master, I did punch in the keys faster than the rest of my gang - a quality that made me have an 'ace Pascal progammer' air around me. It did take the computer sir's "This program will blast the computer" feedback to realize I was not yet ready to write code. Thankfully, I never aspired to write code - I did, however aspire to write, in plain old letters and words and this very object helped me realize that childhood dream of mine.

     My computer, be it the laptop I am using right now, or the ultra sexy iPad my friend gifted me, opens me up to a world I would not have discovered otherwise. I do pretty much everything once I am logged on - from connecting with friends, reading the news, listening to music to watching my favorite recipes being made by star chefs, reading reviews of the movies I plan to watch on weekends to doing what fulfills me like nothing else - Blogging! :-) One click and I connect to this magical world of words, where I write and publish all that crosses my mind, meaningful, meaningless and everything in between. It connects me to poems from grade school, with detailed critical analysis in tow, and an encyclopedia that appears and disappears as and when I summon it - unlike the cumbersome, edifice of a volume that collected dust on our antique book case in my childhood home. This object is truly a friend, a time pass, and my window to the world.

     Speaking of windows, I see another object right across the room, atop this very screen - which happens to be the other window, the real window, that somehow enhances the beauty of this virtual window. A  window with wooden blinds, faded from the fierce west sun that penetrates through the blinds. A window that showcases the neighbor's blooming cherry in all its glory - almost like a channel on TV,depicting seasons. I see the deep burgundy leaves turning a dull brown, falling all over the place, soon baring a skeleton of brittle looking branches - and when spring springs, it sprouts dainty little leaves and billions of blooms that hide those dainty little leaves - like a pink fest - then the green photoshops in nature to this wonderful wine hue. Life seems to pretty much revolve around what I see in this window to the world and that actual window that opens me up to my own world, the world I live in - my neighborhood, my surroundings and my yard. The scenes keep changing, reminding me of the change that is constant, the perspective gives me many a view,opening me up to all the different angles people see to the same thing and thus making me more sensitive to the things and visuals I might not see or choose to see from my perspective. Both these objects, enhance the life I live, hopefully making me better at living it to the fullest.

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