Saturday, June 16, 2012


The story to be told,
Dwells in the soul
Spreading dim light
In the premises of the heart,
Reminiscent of  a painful memory!

The story, that was felt,
Thrives in the tears
Spreads through the years
Singing lofty songs,
Of grief and hurt!

The story that unfolds
Tells tales of turmoil,
Tarnished hopes,
Tragic endings,
Trampled sprouts -
Terminated in the womb.

The story that sobs
Throbbing on the chests
Of the female form
While nipping many buds
For the fault lies in the forms they have taken!

Or may be, it is a blunder
In a man's world,
To be born as a
Life giving mother
To those very murderers!


  1. I AM FAT2:56 AM

    You're one of those PROLIFIC writers who are never repetitive or boring! There is a FRESHNESS each and everytime one visits your blog ! Thanks for being a great inspiration to the NAIVE ones like me!

  2. Aww...thank you so much for the generously kind words :) Truth be said, it is the likes of you that breath a new life into my zeal to write.
    Much thanks:)