Wednesday, June 27, 2012

He looks away,
The taciturn,
Answering the many questions
Rising in her probing gaze,
That way!
Dousing feelings in mute, dumb moments,
Freezing in the frostbite of inexpression
Crunching words into a powder of silence!
Unsaid, untold tales of love
Thus get buried
Under the tombstone of deathly muteness
The epitaph reading
Hushed emotions
Shut up into wordless,lifeless slab
Of concrete quietness!


  1. Is it something like the end to Puzzler?

  2. Fat Fatty Fattest1:47 PM

    UNREQUITED oh ! Is it? Still NAIVE(me) Beautiful! Gifted !

  3. Cock a doodle Doo1:57 PM

    Seems like a continuation of the previous verse! Next episode awaited!