Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day off - A look back at A-Z Challenge.

I was not a part of A-Z challenge because I wanted to be. My friend, the little one, as I call her - put much pressure on me, to a point where she logged into my blog to enter me into the contest. Regular followers of my blog would know how I blame my inactivity on writer's block. I often tend to write in bouts - while spasms of inspirations hit me at the most inconvenient time to blog - which is usually past midnight. A-Z blog opened me to a whole new world, a world inside me that I discovered on the journey so far, and to the outside world of talent, creativity and intellect that unfolds in the many fellow bloggers participating in the challenge. I was surprised how easy it was to write when I had a prompt to write upon, even though the prompt in question was a single, solitary letter. I have only a few more days to successfully complete this challenge, but I do hope this journey into blogging breaks my block for ever and inspires me to write about all that I think. And due to some personal challenges  I am facing at this time, I find it hard to visit all the blogs in the list, but I am sure, once the time constraint is lifted, this journey shall make me more regular at discovering the very many talented writers out there. Little one, thank you for this gift of thought and creativity! :-)


  1. Good for you that A-Z is helping you, and getting round every blog? I know many are managing that, I'm just not one of them :-)
    Do I feel bad? Yes & no. If I'm not interested in the subject I porbably won't know what to say in a comment, so I simply pass.
    But I have had a wonderful time with the challange, and am so glad I participated.

  2. It's been fun trying to keep pace for me what with my other busy schedule, but I have read some great blogs, picked up a few tips, and met some nice people along the way. I have followed dozens of people, including you, and have visited over 900 blogs. I hope you're having a blast like I am!