Monday, April 09, 2012

Day 8 - H for happiness

Hopping heartily,
Hovering around smiles,
Heading toward laughter,
Hanging on to hopes,
Healing hurts,
Hushin hidden joys,
Over hindrances.
Happiness delicately
Hangs on in the heart.
Hear it out -
Seek Help,
Happiness, they say
Hails from within,
Honors positives,
Houses hopes,
Hoards hundereds of
Blissful Halos
Hooding disappointments,
Humming Hymns,
High and mighty
Above all emotions.


  1. Hi!
    I'm also doing the A to Z and a friend of your's recommended your page. I like what you're doing with the challenge. Mine is similiar in the usage of multiple first letters but different formatting. Hope you're having fun with the challenge!
    Happy Blogging.

  2. Madame M3:25 PM

    Hopping heartily and humming hymns is what I do when happy! Great that you know me well! :D Kidding! Lovely lines there! I am sure Aarti inspires you majorly, coz this one seems like a hopscotch! :-) Great going! :-)