Thursday, April 05, 2012

Day 5 - E for emotions.

Emotions enter,
Each one engulfing
Exciting, excruciating,
Empty and Envious,
Evolving, encompassing
Eccentric, endearing.
Emotions capturing
Eternal souls.
Entourage of emotions
Enduring, enlightening,
Elegantly etched,
Enormously felt
Enigmatic, energetic,
Embarrassed, ecstatic.
Enjoy them, enthrall in them
Eschewing the bad
Embracing the good.


  1. I enter the blog, it engulfs me and puts me in a temporary trance! An enlightening experience because the phrases are so elegantly etched. Writers & poets are such an enigma, am so envious coz I am neither! Stole your words, hence embarrassed. Lastly, I embrace your poetry for the good it does to a person reading it. Thumbs up! :-)

  2. Thanks Meg! You have no clue what you'd inspired today ;)