Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 22 - V for very.

Very! - a word denoting too much. Very happy, very angry, very vain, very silly! Well, very seems to enhance all the words that it is prefaced with. I just wanted to put here a run down of the verys in my life.
I am very lazy! Yeah, I am. I have bouts of energy hitting me - but I think my ruling planet, Venus, the very creative one - also happens to be very lazy - so the 'Very" before "lazy" is thus justified.

I live in a very pretty town - a true American town - very diverse, very nice weather (for the most part) very friendly - like the rest of the land of Liberty - and of course, Very much home now after living here for a decade.

I feel very blessed for the love that crossed my path - I have the best of friends out there - touch wood, that make my life very special.

I have a very good quality - I forget and forgive very easily. I think it my biggest strength - that nothing negative stays in my mind for too long. I don't grind axes, nurture grudges and stress my life out on who put me down or treated me bad. I think it is a very important quality to have - to forgive and forget. It makes my life very simplified.

I believe in God, Very much - call Him or Her with the name you want - I'd still believe in him. I think He is the one that keeps the world going - we can progress in science, technology, communication etc....but the very best connection we can ever establish is the one with our Heavenly father.

Lastly, I am very glad to be a part of this challenge - it opened up my life to very many avenues of thought, talent and expression.

Very thankful to all the clicks, comments, kind words, appreciations, brickbats (that make me better at what I do) and just for your mere presence on my cyber space.

Very gratefully,
Aarti's mom.

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