Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 19 - S for Smile

Smile! Shining through
Sad situations -
Simmering hope!
Smile, singing songs of joy
Seeping through disappointments,
Sinister attacks,
Savoring life with a spark and sizzle.
Saluting the inner self to be a believer!
Sweet smile, fading shadows of cares,
Showing way to satisfaction,
Success and showers of happiness.
Step into the shoes of a smile,
Shun hurdles, Spread love!
Shimmer in the shade of a sincere smile!


  1. sowmya10:16 AM

    hey you have an extra ordinary skill to write meaningfully whatever you it.keep it up.

  2. Very fun and playful prose..makes me smile
    visiting from A to A....good luck with the home stretch!