Wednesday, February 03, 2010


My blog address is way too cryptic and twentyish. I actually named it after how my hubby and I were called by two little toddlers in our group. Now the toddlers are young girls and Teteet and Uffu are past twenties. LOL. Last night in my insomnia, I thought of some alternates.

This has a history. I am better known as lucky in my cyber friend group. has a lot of filthy meanings for that but the above phrase stuck as very cool to me. - since I don't seem to write about anything in particular. - yeah, I said I am metamorphosizing in my blog. So this has to be a cocoon. - Self derogatory - not trying to be overly modest or anything - but I sometimes get startled at my own audacity of actually writing crap and inviting people to read it:-)) - I think of a hundred things to be - the latest one is wanting to be a teacher. - I see that I write a lot when I am bored. - mindless drawing like blogs - kind of like doodling in alphabets instead of lines.

I think that teteet and Uffu (distorted forms of Sarat and bushu) need to retire - they are way too
cheesy, childish and dated!)

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  1. randowrites sounds apt... :-)

    while hundredlittlehopes sounds beautiful