Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bliss called Swiss.

Open the window -
The world around is one big
Effortless, ubiquitous scenery.
Waterfalls entwine into mountains
Making love to the lush foliage
Punctuating every other view
That feasts the eye.
Lakes are friends with meadows
Hanging around together
And gurgling with glee.
Green is a different shade,
A brighter shade, a livelier shade!
Who says he is not partial??
Open the window
Look through it.
The world there is one big Canvas
Painted with loads of love,
Perfection unfolds
In every blade of grass,
In every bump of the land.
The air feels crispier, the wind swifter
Lulling the mind into an eternal bliss -
A vision so pretty
That Angels should dwell there -
Fairies should toil there
Sculpting every detail.
No human invention
Can ever recreate the magic
No human heart
Can ever forget the magnificence
Of God's own country -
If there is one, this should be it!


  1. Reflection7:01 AM

    Wow indeed.. both the picture and your poem!