Sunday, January 17, 2010


What do you want? Can you answer this question in a blink? The answer that comes out in a blink is probably what you really want. Or do you feel so content that you don't feel the need of anything? Okay, Let me ask the question to myself. Do I feel so content that I don't feel the need of anything?? Hmm....let's see - I am well fed, well clothed, well decked in my closet which has only a handful of "I feel and look comfy in this" outfits, handbags big and small and no, thankfully no shoes since I am not a shoe and car fanatic. Spending money on these two is a Nah, Nah, no no. Anything comfortable and convenient(ly priced) serves the purpose. I might want some eyeliner since it spruces up my non existent eyes - but I love my pale mountain dweller eyes since I am too lazy to put on the liner. So anyway, what do I want?
It might sound crazy, but I want more concentration in my prayers. It should be the planetary movement in my natal chart that I am intensely spiritual these days. The other day I spotted the most unusual sight in Macy*s - an idol of Lord Krishna hand created by Lladro, which had a price tag that felt like a hand grenade dropped onto my head. Okay, Lladro, 'The Lladro' figurines that the idle and the idle rich hoard in their led lighted showcases and curios. I think I recollect reading in a gossip mag (in my teenage years, borrowed from Higgin Botthams, while working with the Indian Railways) that our own SriDevi (from Bollywood) collects Lladro figurines. A few years down the line, I had my first brush with the figurines - ofcourse I did not notice the prices as I was busy fascinated by the detail of the figurines - I probably noticed the price tag on the Lord and Saviour, the narrator of Bhagwatgita and the inspiration behind thousands of Annamacharya songs because I wanted him in my Mandir.

So what do I want?? Materially, Lord Krishna, mesmerizingly sculpted by some mightily talented unknown Spaniard - and spiritually an imaged etched on my soul - etched with devotion that rises above all material stuff.

What Irony!!

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