Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This day - a gift from the heavens.

The rain drops hit the window pane and slither down in asymmetrical curves, obstructing the view of the outside. The weather becomes dark but the chill from the down pour warms your heart as you try and look through the haze. The air is filled with a crispness as sharp smells linger around - smells of nature, diffusing into the electric atmosphere - and how many time have you listened to people mentioning the smell of wet earth? It is no surprise - since the essence of the life giving mother earth penetrates so well into the nature when cold drops pierce into her chest with needle like precision. She doesn't seem to mind though, since they infuse into her the elixir of life. Every thing looks magical with crystal clear drops of water playing the balancing game on them - on the leaves, in the grass and even on the patio furniture. The whole image springs to life. The soothing sound of water running through the gutter adds the perfect audio to a divine visual. No wonder peacocks dance at the sight of clouds and the plants and trees rejoice in full-hearted ease as they wash themselves and show off their gleaming greenery. Little puddles collect on the pathway, tempting kids to jump and splash the water - rain seems to inspire people and nature alike. Leave the umbrellas in the holder, take your hoodies off, let the chill shake your spine and the showers from heaven drench you wet in their allure. Practically or just in thought - showers transform the inner self and take nature lovers to a state of ecstacy. Keep the Prosaic away and just let the creation be the cure.

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