Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Audience

This could as well be titled 'The Appreciation' since the whole point of having an audience is wanting an appreciation or in other words, applause. If we didn't have people to look at our homes and ooh and aah about our dresses and accessories, we'd probably not own any decorations or embellishments ruling them out as waste of time, money and effort. There are things we do for ourselves - like wearing pretty undergarments that we don't particularly parade in - but when we wear flashy jewelry, drive luxury cars and carry brand name bags, we are looking for a lot more than just a 'feel good factor' and that dear people, is an audience, and an appreciation from them. Blogging, more or less, is like wearing "your attention please" kind of clothes - kind of like the fire engine red paired with bright plaid patterned Salwar that I owned as a teenager. Eventually, I realised it's shock value and handed it down to a five year younger cousin. If I wanted to feel good and record my numerous feelings, I'd as well do it in one of those journals that come with tiny locks and keys. Instead, I chose to write my journal and invite strangers into my world of thoughts - because I want to be appreciated and applauded. An artist paints - if no one ever tells him how good his art is, he would lose interest and give up his craft. Same goes with teachers, singers, bloggers' and anyone who wants people around them to tell them how wonderful they are. That's probably why the celebrity blogger wrote how excited he gets when the comments keep coming. Whether they are good, bad or ugly, getting a feedback always excites people. That's probably the reason why preschool teacher constantly shriek in high pitched voices and compliment generously when they are around their pupils.
My little girl performs her songs when I tell her that our visitors are going to clap for her. Much like I blog more the day I find comments when I log in. But if wanting compliments is human, looking around and complimenting is something beyond being human - as much as we like getting noticed, we disdain drooling over some one's work and being vocal about how inspired we are about the dish someone made or the picture someone clicked - that's probably why they say limitation is the best form of flattery. You like something, you put a poker face and act like you can do it in your sleep and turn your back and copy it. That is the biggest compliment we give to someone without letting them ever realize it. It is sad and in a way funny. So when everyone and their neighbors' whole family tree is blogging, who actually goes and reads all this overload of crap generated and who actually has the time and the thought to say something nice?? Some folks have it in them, the generosity to bestow their compliments upon the things they see around them notwithstanding the mediocrity of what they see - that probably makes so many bloggers, singers, artists, film directors and each one of us who look for an approval. I think appreciating creates creativity and that's the reason why an inspiration is always, in my book of judgement, rated high and above the creation. Even a super human like Hanuman needed a reminder of how strong he was when he ventured to fly over the ocean to seek Sita. They say that God created human beings since he wanted someone to appreciate what he created. He wanted someone to sing his hymns and marvel over his workmanship. That being said, we mortals are just a chip of the good ole block. The other day I had my cousin come over, who took me to many of her favorite blogs and appreciated all their creations and pictures with genuine awe. Had the bloggers known how much their work is appreciated, they 'd most definitely fly over the oceans and seek all their writing or whatever aspirations.

We put up a show - we should however, stop and notice the shows that our peers put around us and vocalize our awe. Then appreciation would be an epidemic and creation would be abundant!

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  1. Good thought behind "Why appreciate". Somehow somewhere between that kindergarten experience and adolescence the world seems to have lost the knowledge that appreciation nurtures further innovation and motivates people to deliver their best. Companies die to find ways to motivate and appreciate their employees. And for some vague reason, that is where it is stuck - at work.
    We have a plethora of social networks where everything is thrown wide open for the world to see. Yet, only so many tend to respond to each other. Cannot blame them too though. When one has only so much time in this racing world, to read a note, a blog, or a twitter message but not respond, we can but only feel sad about the state of things.