Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2

Why do kids talk so much? Or do I have a specimen on hand??

Aarti seems to have one question after another. Once about rain drops running diagonally across the car window and once about why a certain kid on the street is walking home alone, what his name is, what his mom's name is, where he lives and if he is walking alone since he actually got lost!
It gets a little too much sometimes but I can never figure if it is more of fun or stress to keep listening to the puppy like yapping in the background.

Children talk perhaps, in the process of growing up and understanding the world around them. Then I looked into myself and I realized I am much like my little girl, except my yapping is all in my mind. My mind engages itself in a incessant monologue - once thinking over about what to make for dinner and once to introspect my actions and words. Sometimes it is writing mental blogs and at times it is singing to itself trying to remember a lyric from my teenage years. So the yapping is probably a universal attribute except that we are not as free spirited as a kid to keep talking out loud.

Right now at this very moment, my mind speaks to me, the incessant monologue and asks me how I am going to over come the invisible blocks I see to keep procrastinating my blogging - now that I vowed to write everyday. I just do what I do when Aarti launches her unanswerable questions. "What do you think?" I ask my mind! The answers unfold as I write everyday.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New year wishes.

Here's hoping all good things for all people around the globe - and hoping for the cliched but the much needed World peace.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aal Izz sooo Well!

It was in late 2007 that I bothered to take the pains of going to the cinema theater and watching a movie - I promptly blogged about the movie since it was Aarti's first movie ever. Two years hence I, once again, bothered to haul my 'movie watching disdaining' butt to the theaters, this time to watch 3 Idiots, and here go the after thoughts.
3 idiots is one of those impromptu decisions. I was expecting to go watch AVATAR in iMax and actually have a couple of tickets tucked away in my sling pack but who knew 3 Idiots would be the first in Q? Actually, till the date of it's release I wasn't even aware of a movie named such. I am still in a positive hang over after the movie, and for the benefit of my readership (if any, ahem), I shall steer around specifics of the move and keep it spoiler free - which in other words means, I want to keep the review as abstract (or confusing if you may!) as possible.

One thing stuck me and kept on bludgeoning me all through the movie - the impossibly young look Aamir Khan, the mid-forty lover boy had. I am sure the rest of the world would agree with me. If age could be defied, Aamir knows how! Could be genes, could be soft focus lenses or could just be healthy choices and yoga and marathons - what ever it is, Mr.Khan makes his Khan counterparts look like chachas and maamas - his ofcourse!

And then goes the story line giving equal footage to all the 3 idiots in question. Sharman Joshi - hope I spelled him right - is a serious kind of an actor - had his last name been Bachchan or Deol, he'd have been the next hottest heir on the block but hopefully, talent would compensate.

Madhavan narrates the story - the look he has for his friend Rancho is priceless - kind of like the look Aarti had for Tinker bell and Peter Pan in Disney Land. Bebo got something wrong - the make up maybe - but who could blame her when she was cast opposite the fountain of Youth? Who could sustain such competition??

Bomman Irani needs a honorable mention - his character is awfully awesome - hats off to Raju Hirani to have conceived Virus and Rancho in his brain.
The music is scored by the guy from Parineeta - he did a good job. Specially with the title number. It aptly described the awe Farhan had for his friend - the only down fall being Aamir's screen presence. It was so strong that despite the powerful characterization of Rancho - all I could see hear and breath during the three hour run time was Aamir and Aamir alone.

Chatur Ramalingam, the new comer, performed like an ace - his distorted speech left the audience in splits. His expression were priceless!

3 Idiots is cinema that can make us proud as the biggest movie industry of the world. It focuses on entertainment while very subtly leaving a pleasant linger of the lesson it tries to impart.

Watch it once, twice, thrice and you'll probably not get enough of it!


I have the state of the art Resolution. Not the Mega pixels kind, but the New Year kind that you make and break. I thought I resolved to lose 10 pounds last year. I have 10 more to lose in this one. So I should not bother about that. This year, I officially announce my resolution to blog every day - at least one line.

The commitment to this one is on display to the world wide web brethren. Be curt with your comments. Throw rotten eggs if I don't keep up my word!


And the main message for December the 31st goes -

Wishing all a very happy and wonderful New Year ahead. The clock struck eight - and the cuckoo cooed eight times. So, I, the superstitious gal, would want to take it as a wonderful omen granting good health, joy, luck, success, wealth, peace and such to all my - you get the idea - world wide brethren, family and friends and not just the ones that come here by choice and chance.