Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baba, the Blog Baba...

Mr. Amithab Bachchan, the man himself and my Blog idol and Blogbaba - as I fondly call him replied to my comments to his 506th post, two of them actually, that I posted on the same date - comments to his 506th post on september 9th 09.

laxmi addanki says:
September 9, 2009 at 10:02 pm
Blogbaba -
Been waiting for this since your last post

Much love
L addanki.

ab says:
September 10, 2009 at 5:22 pm
waiting for what .. another post well here it is …

laxmi addanki says:
September 9, 2009 at 10:08 pm
Don’t fret about the Urban Legend history of stanford Blogbaba - Sometimes the underlying message is more important than whether it is a fact or a fiction. Our elders tell us lots of stories - we get the message but dont really bother to check whether thier anecdotes are facts or fiction. Sometimes we derive more pleasure in finding other’s mistakes than our own. LOL. When you call us your family, the need to explain your genuine mistakes ceases.

Your messages are always precious. I cant get enough of them.

L addanki.

ab says:
September 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm
thank you yes .. it is good to read the good even if there is error

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


These daily cares
Newspapers and junk mail
Cluttering the crevices of the house
Piles of dirty dishes
Deshelved toys and craft supplies
Needing to be picked hour after hour
Meals to be cooked
Beds to be made
Heaps of clothes filling the hampers
Calls to be answered
Mails to be replied to
Barthday parties, weddings, baby showers
Countdown for weekends
Planned trips
Strolls in the parks
Playing the first teacher to kids
Cleaning the countertops
while hating the grout
Scrubbing the toilet bowls
Vaccuming the carpets
Not even mentioning
The dusting, the mopping, the shopping and chopping.
Who says a home maker doesn't work?
She just doesn't get paid for it!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Two luscious slices of 'no-egg' pineapple birthday cake, a whole heap of fine china by Lenox and warm e-wishes and phone calls from friends and family later, I am in full creative form and writer's block is as many blocks and blocks away, that it is not anywhere in my eyesight. For now I call my ramblings as "Lessons" but I have no clue where my thoughts would lead me.

As days progress and you age - you kind of notice that everything around you has an age and a 'past prime' stereotype. Some of us succumb to the pressure and try to hold on to the teens or the twenties. Some of us age - in the truest form of aging as in having a broader perspective and understanding of things around us. Some of us refuse to grow up physically and mask ourselves with layers of make up and proactive skin care. Some of us refuse to grow up mentally and fight about why our gifts could have been better or thoughtful-er or costlier but all of us age irrespective of whether or not we choose to accept it or learn form it.

Learning gets me to what I wanted to talk. Being into the third decade is somewhat like "now we are talking." you are not too young or naive to be a teenager nor you are really in that senior category. Occasionally you get mistaken for a twenty year old too - reminding you that you are not ancient as you think you are and the candles on the cake will not pose a fire hazard to the house as you jokingly put it:-) LOL. I think you also get to kind of think about what you'd learnt over the years. Lessons. Here's a laundry list of what I think I'd learnt form the years I put behind.

Kindergarten - you don't give a closed book to the teacher if you'd finished your work on the fifth page after scratching on the first four.

1st grade - Being popular with the teacher doesn't mean that you have to gift the b'day present (your mom got from your dad) to your teacher (It was a sleek stainless steel pen - thankfully I spared the matching watch - or key chain (cant recollect)!)

2nd grade - You are only as popular as your math score.

3rd grade - When your crush is the class topper, you have tough competition - from the fellow crushers and the crushee alike.

4th grade - Being a teacher's pet comes with fine font.

You could lead the life of a 32 yr old in your head when you are 16, but the friends around you are 16 physically and potentially younger mentally.

10 th grade - (when your short story gets rejected by Young World (THE HINDU))
You are not necessarily writing master pieces - and no, your own opinion about your work doesn't count.

18th year - money is the root cause of all evils, pleasures and accomplishments (upon receiving the first real time paycheck)

16 th year - You cannot not turn down a person just because his proposal was a hundred paged, three languaged piece of art.

19th year - Losing family is devastating (lost both my grandparents - and my pet)

20th year - Love is like being on dope (I thought)

25th - you are still young enough to be stupid to look at a chunky stainless steel wrist watch as 'pretty'.

30th - Being a mom is a full time emotional and physical job.

28th - Pregnancy is a ticket to pig out.

23rd - First wedding anniversaries are hallmarks of a successful marriage.

More to come - need to crash now:-))