Saturday, March 28, 2009


Do you know how it is?
It's never one size fits all
Or one adage fits most!
He worshipped her
Like she was Isis
Or Amaterasu.
Kissed the earth she walked on -
Placed flowers on her porch
With an anonymous note.
He knew her well enough
And she knew him back
But words were never exchanged
It was just a picture stack.
Once writing down her notes
Once losing to make her win
And once looking away when she looks at him
Only to secretly rejoice the attention he gets from her!
Days passed
The pictures piled.
She waited for him to say something
Confused, anxious.
The something was never uttered
Only a million little things done
A zillion little pictures of love
Of deep devotion
They parted
Never listening to what they felt for one another
Only playing the pictures that depicted their love
And folly.
Do you know how it is?
It is never one size fits all
Or one adage fits most!
A word is worth a thousand pictures!

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