Friday, March 20, 2009


Inspirations -
Like the identical twin boys squealing in the shopping plaza
Dressed alike - emoting alike,
And the piping hot sambar brewing
Absorbing the aroma of a home made ingredient
Or the silky soft pigtails of a little girl
That bounce like springs when she lumbers around -
Come and go
Like uninvited guests.
Uninvited but interesting guests.
Sometimes they stalk me
Slyly escaping when I try to look at their faces
To see who they are.
Inspirations come like cramps
That accompany the female curse.
Like the ring of a telemarketer
When the kid is napping.
They come, pleasant - painful.
with pressure and pleasure.
Stalking me - never leaving me alone.
Inspirations or Imaginations!
I know not what they are.
But they come and go
Taking forms on a virtual screen
Begging to be noticed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jai Ho Rahman Ki!

It is pure bliss to have time for oneself. Aarti is at preschool and after contemplating to run to the shopping plaza and doing some window shopping on Spring trends, I decided instead, to listen to Rahman Bhayya's "Satrangi re" from Dil Se. As a lover of fine arts - lyrics allure me as much as the melody does and Satrangi re is the finest of its kind - both in the lyrics and melody dept. Which brings me back to a time when I first heard the sound track of Dil se on our seriously outdated tape recorder a good decade ago. There was a weird sound accompanied by an obvious static - but that didn't in the least deter me from experiencing the spiritual orgasm only a fine piece of music can bring to the bliss-seeking soul. I vividly remember how enchanted I was by the whole sound track. How hopelessly I was in love with Rahman's talent and how sincerely I appreciated the God given craft of Gulazar.
Rahman Bhayya, ever since - provided the background score to my life. I was obsessed with one or the other of his compositions and played them on the day I realised I was in love, on the day of my wedding ,on my car stereo while driving, in my own voice while cooking and putting Aarti to bed and sub-consciously when I grappled to relax, sleep or just to get rid of my boredom. Rahman Bhayya's music works like a anti-depressant. It makes me magically transform into the mood of the melody. It makes me happy, a better person and a lover of finer things in life. It makes me better at expression and articulation. It makes me well armed as a mom to tame down a hyper toddler. Aarti is slowly but surely picking on my love for music and she seems to prefer "Kabhi kabhi Aditi" over any other peppy number I suggest.
Oscar night this year was probably as big to every Indian as it was to Rahman and his family. I watched him deliver his acceptance speech, as proud as a mom who'd see her child achieve something. I think I even felt the ever so slight moisture in my eyes when He remembered his mother and spoke in his mother tongue. He was right there in that moment - grounded, humble and utterly down to earth. He handled his moment of glory with great aplomb -With the ease of a child holding his mom's hand. I think I saw Rahman the person that day and he is as breathtaking as Rahman the talent.
I think I agree with Santu and many more Desis out there who think that Slumdog is not Rahman's finest work. But nevertheless, it is the work that put us on the Oscar map. The work that got him and the whole of India noticed and I like the soundtrack for that particular reason.
My cousin once told me - that he is yet to meet a Rahman composition that he did'nt like. I whole heartedly agree with him. Rahman's music has a way to grow on you. A way to evolve like a child. A way to bloom and show its true colors and magnificence. It is like a slow poison - a sweet one that intoxicates the senses and takes it to a state of Nirvana.

Rahman is the star of Billions of Indians. And my personal Icon and Idol. I noticed that I did not blog and brag after his twin wins. I have a single pet peeve though - I wish I saw Gulzar on the stage along with Rahman for accepting Jai ho's accolade. After all - he made his contribution to the most memorable of Rahman's compositions.

For now - I retire only to blog again and again about my Bhayya Rahman in many more future blogs as long as I am up and blogging.
Jai ho....Rahman Ki!