Friday, February 20, 2009


Like a volcano
Bubbling to erupt
Something in the stomach churns
Creates a ripple effect.
The heat expands the heart
Spreads to the head
And makes us lose our cool,
Makes us unruly beasts
Our tongues utter un-meant words
Our eyes shower ambers of hurt
Anger takes us nowhere.
Just alters us from inside
And changes who we are.
Forgiving Does!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Transform me, O take me
To an Eneimone or an Apartment in Paris
Over looking the Eiffel.
Make me Remy, the culinary expert
Or Nemo, with the lucky little fin!!
Give me a magical touch
With Gossamer wings and a wand.
Let me make a castle out of normal land.
Fiona's thick long braid
And the Donkey's funny bone
Should transform me into a class of my own.
Let me oh let me be
Timon the meerkat
And make my comedy timing
The talk of the town.
My own little space,
Under the vast blue sky
Limitless, flawless and filled with adventure
Where good prevails
And love wins
And All creatures act like human beings.
Make me a little girl again
Make me simple, make me innocent
Make me a part of the make believe world
Make me carefree -
And as free as can be!


Tip toeing on dainty feet
Carrying the burden of a mature thought
Like a performer trying to balance
But still looking effortless.
Tip toeing to relieve
Tired winter feet
From the added pressure of a weighty thought -
Shielding the soft flesh
From being extra bruised -
Never knew, thoughts add to weight
And glide to a physical form.