Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There is something magnetically attractive about writers or writing - or anything that has to do with writing, like copy writing, journalism, songwriting, blogging or any of the other forms. That probably explains why the protagonists of most of the Hollywood chick flicks do something on the lines of writing for their living. Take Matthew McConnohey (spelt phonetically - sorry too lazy to double check) from "How to lose a guy', Richard Gere to from "runaway bride" to the hero and heroine in "Confessions of a shopaholic all are craftsmen of words, genre no bar. It just made me wonder why and how we are so charmed with people who create dreams and whole new worlds out of words. I am sure Shakespeare will stay here long after all of us are gone, courtesy his craft and so will the folks form the new pack like J K Rowling or Javed Akhtar.

In my free time, which is getting endangered these days, I hop from one blog to another on the Internet. Shail, the babe who celebrated her half century recently seems to be more appealing to me than the twenty somethings that lift lyrics of off famous songs, books or movies to describe themselves in their social network profiles. Why is it that we find expressive people to be more attractive? Is that a new sex appeal or was it always that way and no one cared to ponder??? - A few questions cross this small, restless mind!

Or wait, it is probably, perhaps - totally me! It is my take on attractiveness arguably. But anyway, since this is my blog and I am free to write what I want and edit what I don't (in comments..He he!) I shall go ahead anyway!
When I said I like Amithab Bachchan's dad more than him, I earnestly meant it. It was not in a bit to sound like I look down upon big B and his all-consuming stardom. I personally feel that expression in the form of words in say, as divine as expression in the form of creation - as in the beauty of nature and seasons around us. So the parellel here between writers and our heavenly father is intended. Not that I feel I fall into that category (someone said I am too humble for my own good - and that someone is absolutely wrong!) but don't words do that to you?? If you are this far into this blog - I know you are nodding right now!!

So writing - what was the purpose of all those descriptive and imaginative essays we'd written as children? Was it just meant as an academic exercise or was it a way of unleashing us to us in a subtle way? May be, writing in a way is like raising the curtains to our inner selves and souls! May be it is a way of making us aware of who we are and what we want. Expression - no matter the form - is probably what makes us distinct form other living beings on this planet. And writing, not just the type that tops the New york Times best seller list or ends up in the groovy tunes a musician generates, is a slice of divinity. Consider a small stickem note you'd write to your significant other or an email to a good old friend or even a journal you'd maintain to remember your cousin's birthday - they are all tit bits of joy. Writing is a soul bearing activity and it should be practiced and encouraged.

Writers - not just the ones that are rich or famous but the ones like you and me and Aarti - are all beacons of light to a better world filled with better expressions. Keep at it and look for it. Blog, jot down in a journal or may be graffiti??? No, not graffiti! Just kidding!

Long live the alphabet - the universal one!


  1. This is a nice space you've got here.. And I totally agree with a lot of things in this post.. I still remember my 10th standar english essays when we were supposed to write an essay or a story starting with "XYZ----".. It was such a good way of venting out your thoughts- fantasies actually.. And I also agree with the words part.. They indeed are powerful tools of expression!

  2. What a comeback!

  3. Hi Ravi,You Just made me smile and all the stress of the day seems to melt away:-)Thanks a lot for the encouraging words!

  4. Hi Deepthi,
    Thanks for coming this way and taking time to comment. I hope to see and know more of you in the coming days:-)

  5. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh !!!!!! This is what I think tooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!:)