Saturday, December 13, 2008

Like it, Love it, Gotta have it!!

No marks for original title ! (any Coldstone lovers here?? LOL)
The weather is cold. Almost chilly, specially since the last few months were spent in sultry India. I am back on track, out of the lag and bitten by the shopping bug. Isn't it that time of the year when people shop and shop?

They say that the economy is bad... The retailers are offering great discounts on all kinds of products imaginable. The cosmetic store and the big handbag store in the mall claim to have roaring business. (I asked the associates while window shopping! So it is first hand info!) And the pretty young thing next door just visited me to get a sari draping 101 lesson all dolled up with salon perfect hair, a extravagant sari (that I got for her form India - and she paid btw..he he he) and loads of make up sporting a smokey eye that went perfectly well with the intricately embroidered black sari and talked about an even more extravagant wedding that she is attending. Looks like the economy is not as bad as they say it is anyway...or am I surrounded with well doing businesses and people?

Anyway my loot for the evening was stationery, a fancy looking cup and saucer set set (meaning two sets of a fancy looking cup and saucer with some Chinese characters on it) and a box of Chinese green tea.

I bought a couple of journals - for doodling, scribbling, cussing, rewinding, jotting down recipes while my mom dictates them over the phone and writing all thoughts big and small. One has an over sized lady walking on a beach...I thought it would be perfect to remind me of my perpetual weight loss goal and just keep it as an inspiration to be artsy and heavy...

The Chinese green tea is not quiet as green as the Japanese green tea that I bought at Costco...not sure if it is superior or inferior to the Japanese one. I asked Google angel, Aarti interrupted before I could actually read the results (Google, when would you launch an audio option for the search results?, it'll come handy for moms on the go like yours truly!)

The cups are wide and shallow....kind of like me...wide, white and shallow, with some un-decipherable characters calligraphed on them, kind of like this senseless blog. I could have saved this if I'd added some pictures. Now where is my Nikon D40x? The same companion of mine that had depreciated a good $300 since I bought it. That doesn't make it any less precious to me. It will remain my other muse, the muse that is ready at the click of a hand. BTW, I had a hard time to get Aarti pose for my camera in the evening. She seems to be a chip of the old block. Not making any sense today.

Oh, the journal with the over sized lady came with a pack of 12 cards depicting over sized ladies in different moods. They are too symbolic to write notes to any of my girl friends...So I should probably write notes to myself. Notes like "operation clean the bathrooms" or "go to the grocery store to get milk". I am making sense. Aren't I?

The side effects of drinking Chinese green tea before bed.
Senseless blogs.
Shopaholic syndrome.
Plagiarism (notice the title?)
Greed (gotta have it, gotta have it)

Nothing works like retail therapy
Nothing works like de-retail therapy (did I get the spelling right?)

All my treasures are a couple of dollar bargains.....Did they say that the economy is bad?