Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'd read this Blog today by K that elucidates Would've, could've and shouldv'e in a very eloquent way.

Yes, there are things that go unsaid and undone and there are relationships that get done for ever as a result.
It is the irony of life though, that there are so many sides to the same thing. Some one said "Ignorance is bliss" Someone else opined "knowledge is power"

So what is it that makes or breaks a relationship? things unsaid, things undone or things said and things done? People speak at lengths about being frank and outspoken when being in love, being over the fear of being misunderstood and having the liberty to talk out your mind. And then comes the "Don't say it if it is not kind or nice enough" part. So what is it that actually makes a relationship survive? things said or things not said?

I'd realised in life, partly by experience and partly by observation that you'd not come across a friend or a relative that would not hurt you. Okay, the hurt could be unintentional, the other person's frustration that has nothing to do with you or mere blurting out of one's mind without the fear of being misunderstood - but it does happen.

So, to keep the person, you should not keep the hurt and nurture it - instead, let it loose. Sometimes 'wouldn't have', 'couldn't have' and 'shouldn't have' become as grave as would've, would've or shouldv'e. The wisdom lies in balancing out the contradictions and applying a little bit of patience and a lot of understanding....then we'll probably never have broken hearts or relationships.


"I don't believe anyone should harbor the expectation of going through life without being offended by something. ...Expression, even when we disagree with what's being expressed, remains our best and sanest method of understanding one another. " ~-Tom Batiuk

"Become the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Ghandi