Thursday, July 24, 2008


Guess whose imagination is running far and wide and of course wild?
Yeah, the little brat around here. Mom and daughter had a bitter battle of ego yesterday when daughter dearest not only announced that she'd do it, but also drank water out of her brand new (thankfully) crocs. I know, eek, gross and all that! I was speechless. Didn't know how to deal with the fully blown, busting at the seams ego of the two something toddler. I promptly took the shoe out of her hand, didn't threaten her of her usual time out mecca (read garage!) and tossed it into the recycling bin. She cried, threw herself on the floor, rolled around , protested, campaigned, pleaded and finally begged to get her shoe back. (She did get it after mommy dearest (the tough, sadistic disciplinarian) made sure that the teachable moment and the value that needed to be inculcated was driven home loud and clear. No messing with momma! The house rules are set and are seldom amended :-))
So, the point here is not about how firm I am to start discipline before it is too late - it is more about how Aarti's imagination is treading new, sometimes annoying and sometimes amusing paths.
Yesterday, she came out to me in the backyard with her Dora fun float sipper. The sipper has the silhouette of a wine glass , except with a cage like base where a little Dora figurine floats in teeny sparkles. The transparent liquid (probably water) formed a light froth on the surface and Dora is fully immersed. "Those are spilled M&ms all over" she explained with dilated eyes "and Dora is taking a bubble bath while spilling her M&Ms all over" she continued. Now is this another writer, painter, poet, director, handy person and blogger on the making??
Proud momma has a track record of her own fertile imagination. Darling daughter just follows cue!
Picture courtesy - Aarti Addanki's maiden, original artwork!